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" !# ! ! ! ! ! ! !! !!       @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@aАM рGBBCтLvаk@kdq@аарSS+а*L╞S0ААJIуааИИКB H╦a@FSS"@Ма└LА JF)е!Gа╚КJE@уцхшфхцшфшцфчфуd@@                                            js|КЫо╝╤▄юbites at claws at tries to gnaw attempts to chew tries to nibble on tries to stab thrusts violently at charges at attempts to slice leaps at          Д+Д:ДDДSДbДkДwДЭДЦД Trapless Chest Trap?   Poison Needle  Gas Bomb  Crossbow Bolt  Exploding Box  Stunner  Teleporter  Mage's Misery  Cleric's Crisis Alarm  Cleric's Crisis   Reset backed up data?  Yes  No   *Caution*   Turn Power switch off   while pressing Reset switch   * * Congratulations * *     You have recovered the AMULET and passed the Overlord's Test   As a reward, the Mad Overlord has granted you 50,000 G.P. and 50,000 E.P.!    He has also inducted you into his elite guard. Wear the Chevron of Rank(>) with honor. Inspect who? [A] to more Wizardry  Time: Searching           Quit  Search  Set Timer  Leave Restart a party: Locate a body  Find whom?                      Reordering          You are in Rock!   Use which Item?    Identify what?   Select Item  A Pit!Welcome to the Temple of Cant Who shall we help ?                      Entering Proving Grounds   of the Mad Overlord  Will you search?   Yes  No  Inspect Reorder Equip  Leave It's very dark.  An encounter  There are buttons here  press one   [B] to Leave  A B C D   A B C D E F  A chute!   Ouch!Stairs up   Take them?   Yes  No Stairs down   Take them?   Yes  No    The Stables (free!)  A Cot. 10 gp/week  Economy rooms. 50 gp/week  Merchant suites. 200 gp/week  The Royal suite. 500 gp/week  Pool Gold  Leave      Adventurer's Inn   Who will stay?   [B] to Leave Change Name: Save data into turbo file Load data from turbo file Exit turbo file Turbo file  Drop which?    Trade which?  Camp                              Training Grounds 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - = \  q w e r t y u i o p [ ] r e a s d f g h j k l ; ' ` t  z x c v b n m , . /   ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + |  Q W E R T Y U I O P { } r e A S D F G H J K L : " ~ t  Z X C V B N M < > ?  Enter new name> Castle Gilgamesh's Tavern  Adventurer's Inn  Boltac's Trading Post Temple of Cant  Edge of Town  Training Grounds  Maze  Restart an "Out" party  Leave Game  Castle  Create  Inspect  Delete   Change Name  Change Class  Leave  Human Elf  Dwarf Gnome Hobbit Good  Neutral Evil Strength  I.Q.  Piety Vitality  Agility  Luck   Bonus                   [B] to Leave Read Spell  Mage  Cleric  Gilgamesh's Tavern   Add  Remove  Inspect  Divvy Gold  Leave  Boltac's Trading Post  Who will enter?   [B] to Leave  A large sign on the wall reads  *** Area out of bounds!***   There is a gem encrusted statue of a hooded man here. A golden light emanates from the hood. In front of the statue is an altar, in which pungent incense is burning.   In this room is a silver statue of a boar with horns and long fangs. On the wall by the statue is a message ( partially obscured ) that appears to have been left by passing elves. It is hardly legible, but some comments warning about ghosts and demons can still be made out.   In this room is a statue of a monster with the body of a chicken and the head of a cat.  The statue is made of bronze, and lies on an onyx pedestal.  There are unusual runes on a plaque thereon.   A strange glow seems to emanate from this room. In the center, a smallish man in a long robe turns toward the party and shouts   "Begone, strangers!"   He slowly waves his hands,and chants     "MAPIRO MAHAMA DIROMAT!"   On a silvery disk stands a statue of a frog wearing a red and blue cape. The statue animates and shakes its legs while it yells "Yeah.. Yeah..,"  A placard near the ground reads:   "A dungeon's dark..."   A placard near the ground reads:   "When it's not lit..."   A placard near the ground reads:   "Watch out, or you'll..."   You see a statue of a bear on a pedestal. On the wall is a sign reading   "I've got a million of 'em."   As you enter this room, a silvery fog envelops you.  Terrible demons appear all around you. In terror, you  flee from the room!   As you enter this room, a bronze smoke fills it.  You feel compelled to leave  immediately!   As you enter this room,  a gold smoke fills it.  You feel compelled to leave  immediately!   Nobody in the party can break the door down.   The floor has a mosaic  reading:   "Turn around."   The floor has a mosaic  reading:   "Turn right."   The floor has a mosaic  reading:   "Turn left."   A large sliding wall with the image of a bear upon it blocks your path and forces you out of the room.   Suddenly, a loud alarm bell can be heard. Then the bells stop, and are replaced by the sounds of guardian monsters!  A sign on the door reads:   "Treasure repository"  A sign on the door reads:   "Monster allocation center"  A sign on the door reads:  *** Testing ground   control center ***  Authorized personnel only!   <<< Do not enter >>>  A sign on the door reads:  ***Private express elevator***  Authorized users only!   You all fall asleep! Later, everyone wakes up,feeling sick and weak. You are back outside the door you tried to enter.  In this room, there is a large desk. On it are the remains of crystal balls and other magic artifacts: all now broken. As you entered the room a panel on the door slammed shut. Then it glowed a pale blue. No one can pry it open. Next,the door on the other side of the room starts to glow bright orange, inviting the party to use it.   As the party enters the room, the door slams shut, glows orange and vanishes! A door appears to the right. A voice coming from the ceiling addresses you:congratulations, brave adventurers! Today you have proved yourself to me and are now ready to start your quest! Years ago,my AMULET was stolen by the evil Wizard   * W E R D N A *   * W E R D N A * hides in the maze somewhere below us. Find him, slay him, and return to me the AMULET! To aid you in your quest, I will give you a blue ribbon, which may be used to enter the elevator on this floor.    Go now ---   and may the gods guide you!   Inscribed on a fancy gold plaque is a message. The script is ornate, and blinks in various colors:   "You are trespassing on the  domain of ** W E R D N A **.  There is no possibility that you can get past my guardians!  So sure am I of my defenses that I give you this clue:   "Contra-dextra avenue"  PS - Trebor sux   One group of guardians have been defeated, but there are many more. Turn back while you can, fools!   A discreet sign on the wall  reads:   Lair of the evil Wizard    ** W E R D N A **   Office hours 9AM to 3PM   by appointment only   The Wizard is *IN*   A discreet sign on the wall   reads:   Lair of the evil Wizard    ** W E R D N A **   Office hours 9AM to 3PM   by appointment only   The Wizard is *OUT*                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Ўж!з№жз зззълм(м>мTмjм|мЗм▄м╣ннн*нCнgнАнЫн╒нуноо<оMоkо}оЪо╕оўопп&п6п┘оIпйп╗п▌п░$░C░P░h░Н░Ъ░з░╕░╟░┌░ъ░■░ ▒▒"▒Л▒Э▒з▒┬▒▌▒Ў▒▓J▓V▓f▓~▓Ю▓▓▓▀▓√▓│)│C│[│^│z│У│Ы│4▒?▒N▒c▒|▒╟│EзLзSзZзaзhзoзvз'з,з1з6з;з@з#┤}зГзЙзПзХзЫзбзззнз│з║з┴з╚з╥з╫зтзшзюзэ│┤▐│]п┐╢╓╢з╢░ДпЦпў╢ ╖#╖oпсл║л═лРлЮлйлВлO╖W╖b╖l╖s╖{╖Mлэ┤╡╡"╡6╡I╡Г╖Ъ╖и╖╡╖├╖╨╖▄╖х╖№╖ ╕J╕+╕i╕.лЇкИ╕У╕к<кVк╣к├йЎй╢│Э╕░├о╠о▓╕┬╕╒╕ч╕їз¤зиEйRйdйrйни╧ияибиtиЕиZ┤>┤u┤Л┤Э┤░┤╞┤█┤Wи3░∙╕ ╣╣?╣_╣Ю╣H║╨╣э╣ ║ии&ижмY╡Б╡Ш╡к╡╣╡╦╡╘╡▌╡х╡э╡╢'╢6╢J╢]╢r╢Б╢У╢й2й3иe║{║д║┼║╪║Fight Spell Dispell Use Item Run Take back Parry West East SouthNorthUp Down FighterMage Cleric Thief Wizard SamuraiLord Ninja Ok AsleepAfraidP-lyzePetrifDead Ashed Lost Poison Spell  Equip  Trade  Identify  Use  Pool Gold  Read  Drop  Leave  Light  Protect  Identify With who? Remove who? Inspect who?  Hit points ( / )■■Ё Gold * You have died of old age * * Name changed * * That name is being used * * Dropped * Create this Character?■Ё Yes■Ё No Keep this Character?■Ё Yes■Ё No Delete this Character?■Ё Yes■Ё No  Reset backuped data?■Ё Yes■Ё No Press Reset-switch Choose Race: Choose Alignment: Select Class:  Up,Down : moves pointer■ Right,Left : alter scores■ [A] button : finished ЁChoose new Class■■Ё[A] Change Class■Ё[B] Leave You don't qualify■for any Classes You bounced back to where you were! You teleported into rock! You materialized in mid-air above the city and fell to the ground!!■(By the way,you are all dead!) You appeared in the Castle moat and have probably drowned!  Will you invoke the special■■power of your °■■ЁYes■ЁNo No characters are in this maze  Party Teleport■■■■■■ [A] Teleport■ [B] Quit ■[B] to Leave * Powerless * * What ? * * Not equipped * Use Item on Group? Use Item on Person? * Oops *  You need ї more■ E.P. to make the next Level.■ ■ Ў's options ■ Fight which Group?  ■Dispell which Group? ■Cast Spell on Group? ■ Cast on whom? ∙ found Ї■  Welcome.Ў■ You have ї G.P.■■■ Ё Buy■Ё Sell■Ё Uncurse■Ё Identify■Ё Pool Gold■Ё Leave  ї G.P. left■■ [A] Purchase■ [B] Leave  Purchase which?■ * Perhaps another? * * Just want you needed * Unusable Item - Buy it?■■ЁYes■ЁNo * We all make mistakes * * You cannot afford that * You can't carry anything more * You bought the last one *  Sell which?■ * Anything else, noble sire? * Not interested in that Item * We don't buy cursed Items *  Uncurse which?■ * That is not a cursed Item *  Identify which?■ * That has been identified * * You cannot afford our fee * * Cursed * * Full * * Equipped *  Equip which?■ [B] for none  Select Weapon■  Select Armor■  Select Shield■  Select Helmet■  Select Gauntlets■  Select Misc. Item■ Cast what Spell?■ You can't cast Spell Magic Spell L√(№) Cleric Spell L√(№) Ў є ∙ and misses■ Ў є ∙ and hits once for ¤ damage■ Ў є ∙ and hits № times for ¤ damage■ ∙ is Decapitated■ ∙ is Paralyzed■ ∙ is Poisoned■ ∙ is Petrified■ ∙ is Killed■ ∙ is Drained one level■ ∙ is Drained ¤ levels■ ∙ is Drained■ ∙ casts a ё■ ∙ is asleep■ ∙ is not asleep■ ∙ is Silenced■ ∙ is not Silenced■ ∙ is Smothered■ ∙ is not Smothered■ ∙ perishes■ ∙ survives■ ∙ is Slain■ ∙ takes ¤ damage■ ∙ is Held■ ∙ is not Held■ ∙ resists the Spell■ The Spell does not work■ ∙ is hit by ё■ But cannot speak■ ∙ flees.■ You surprised the monsters The monsters surprised you ∙ breathes on the Party■ ∙ calls for help■ ... but no help comes■ ∙ calls for help■ ... one monster appears■ ∙ is Cured■ ∙ is not Cured■ ∙ is completely healed■ ¤ hit points are restored to ∙■ A chest! You may:■ ЁInspect■Ёё■ЁDisarm■ЁOpen■ЁLeave alone■ Each survivor gets ■ї E.P.■ Each survivor gets ■ї G.P.■  Use which Item? You could not disarm it!■ You disarmed the Trap!■ Є■ The chest was not trapped!■ The Trap was triggered!■ Oops!Є■  Fight■ Take back orders  You have ї G.P.  Welcome, Ў. We have: ■∙ is napping.  ∙ is recuperating.■  You celebrated your Birthday!  You gained ¤ hit points.■  You learned new Spells!!!■  You made the next Level!■  You gained Strength■  You gained I.Q.■  You gained Piety■  You gained Vitality■  You gained Agility■  You gained Luck■  You lost Strength■  You lost I.Q.■  You lost Piety■  You lost Vitality■  You lost Agility■  You lost luck■ The donation will be ї■Who will tithe?■ Cheap apostates!■Out!■ Ў will be buried■ Ў needs ёnow!■ Ў has been cured■ MURMUR -  CHANT -  PRAY -  INVOKE The gods do not hear you■ Which boon■ do you desire?■  Cure Party■  Silence Enemies■  Augument Magic■  Teleport Enemies■  Heal Party■  Protect Party■  Raise the Dead!■ ∙ dispells one monster■ ∙ dispells ¤ monsters■ ∙ attempts to dispell and fails■ You identified it!■ You don't have a clue!■ A friendly group of■■ ў■■■ЁFight■ЁLeave■ *Done*■ Now ¤ / №■ Not dead■ Try ё■ *Lost*■ * Ok *■ √ East № North■¤ Down■ Facing North■ Facing East■ Facing South■ Facing West■ * Fizzle *■ ∙ is...■ In the Castle morgue.■ In this party.■ In the South-West of level ¤.■ In the North-West of level ¤.■ In the South-East of level ¤.■ In the North-East of level ¤.■ Found, ■ *No one*■ But nothing happens■ Who will Open?■ Who will Inspect?■ Who will Disarm?■ Who will cast ё?■ File not found■ Check sum error■ Data in cartridge will be rewritten■ Data is loaded from Turbo file■ Out of memory in Turbo file · will be killed to secure memory■ Data of wizardry in Turbo file will be rewritten■ Data is saved in Turbo file■ ■ЁAre you ok?■■Ё Yes■Ё No■ Verify failed.■Turbo file is write protected or not connected■ Turbo file is not connected■ Error in backup data■ Now recovering data■[A] to stop recover■ ЁGive up recover?■■■Ё Yes■Ё No■ Data is recovered■ Data is not recovered■                   L 1 ?-??? ???    E.P. Age   Gold A.C.    Strength H.P. /   I.Q.   Piety Status   Vitality   Agility M / / / / / /   Luck C / / / / / /                   ■                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Halito Mogref Katino Dumapic Dilto Sopic Mahalito Molito Morlis Dalto Lahalito Mamorlis Makanito Madalto Lakanito Zilwan Masopic Haman Malor Mahaman Tiltowait Kalki Dios Badios Milwa Porfic Matu Calfo Manifo Montino Lomilwa Dialko Latumapic Bamatu Dial Badial Latumofis Maporfic Dialma Badialma Litokan Kandi Di Badi Lorto Madi Mabadi Loktofeit Malikto Kadorto Аю┘ l№  WIZARDRY(╛│=3▒╣┌ ┌ ┌ йН й Н йН й ╖Ай(Н йН й ╖Ан▀АЕнрАЕйЕа▒Н ╚▒Н ╚▒╚к▒Н ╚╩╨ўШeЕеiЕ╞╨╒йЕCйвХp╩√йЕ ╧А E┴в╜БА▌╨ ╩ї`CROSS╜БАЭ╩ўй ╧Ай ╧Ай ╧А E┴е╔|╨ўй ╧Ай ╧Ай ╧А`ва└Н И╨·╩╨ўв@йН ╩╨·`ЕsйЕp E┴е)╨ў`сА(hCopyright @ 1990(Дby Andrew Greenberg, Inc.,(гand Sir-Tech Software, Inc.(╞All rights reserved)Wizardry is a registered)* trademark of)DSir-Tech Software, Inc.)ГWizardry - Proving Grounds)жof the Mad Overlord,)─is a copyrighted program)тlicensed to ASCII Corporation*by Sir-Tech Software,Inc.*AProgrammed by Game Studio, Inc.*К Published by*зNEXOFT Corporation.*ъ Licensed by+Nintendo of America, Inc.+(for play on the+ANintendo Entertainment System.!`р    !"#$ %&"'"(&")* +,-./01 234 56 787(((97(: ;<=>?@AB CDE FG HIJK JL NOPQRQQQSTUVWXY((Z[%6 %6 ^_`abcdefghijklmno pqrstuvwxyz{|}~АБ й ьДй сДй сД ▓Дй ьДй∙Е0йДЕ1 E┴а▒0╔ ╨#йЕе0 E┴е╔┤╨єй ьДй сДй сДLьГе E┴йЕ№е )№Е `еJ░╗е№)╨ Дц№е№8щЁ╨йЕ№е IЕ L║Ге№)°Ее )I**ж ХАшеХАшй ХАша▒0ЁZ╔¤╨й╨╔■╨ йЕCц0╨ц1й 8ё0ЕJЕЕЁ й ХАш╞╨∙▒0Е╚▒0ХАш─╨Ўе08eЕ0е1iЕ1е8хЁий ХАшИ╨·Ёй а ХАшИ╨·ц0╨ц1Ж`йН й ╛Дй(о Н йН ва└й Н И╨·╩╨ўв@М ╩╨·`H E┴е)╨ўhЕqЕsйЕrйЕp`Director Hiroshi MitaExecutive ProducerMasanobu EndohGeneral Manager Satoru SatoGame Programmer Yaj MahalSoftware Supervisor Kei CrossMonster Designer Jun SuemiMusic ComposerKentaro HanedaMusic ProgrammerNobuyuki OhnogiGraphic Programmer Naoto OhshimaKunio YukinagaAkio OnoSpecial AdviserMitsuhiro MazdaMakoto TakeuchiOriginal AuthorsRobert WoodheadAndrew GreenbergLicensed by Sir-Tech Software Inc.Licensing Manager  Norman Sirotek Special Thanks toForetune Co.,LTD.and many Test Players■HIРСТУФХЦХ╠JKLMIЧШЩЪЫХЬХЭNOPQRSTIЧЮЯабХвгХдUVWXIежзийХклХЭYZ[\Iмноп░▒▓│┤╡╢╖╕]^_`aI╣║╗╝╜╛┐└┴┬╣├─bcdefghI┼╞╟╚╔╩┐└╦┬╣═╬ijklI╧╨╤╚╔╩┐└╦┬╣═╬mmmmnmmmmo╥╙╘╒╓╫╪┘┌█▄▌▐pqrstuvwxyz{|}~АБВГДЕЖЗИЙКЛМНО¤    !"#$ %&"'"(&")* +,-./01 234 56 787(((97(: ;<=>?@AB CDE FG HIJK JL NOPQRQQQSTUVWXY((Z[%6 %6 ^_`abcdefghijklmno pqrstuvwxyz{|}~АБ                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       L?дйЕ ╜6{╞ }▐{Э▐{╜|e Э|0<▐{Ё7╜▐{▌2|╜|¤\|Р ╜\|Э|╜2|Э▐{`╜╓}Ё'╜|╨#╜▐{╔2░8¤╓}Э▐{Ё╬─zйЭ┤{йЭ▐{Э|` Бд╜▐{8хЭ▐{╜|хЭ|`йЕЕ╜|ЕJЕ╜▐{ЕjЕ ╡д&&&&&& ╡д&&еeЕеeЕеeЕ`                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Аю┘ l№  WIZARDRY(╛│=3▒╣┌ ┌ ┌ LwД кД ╪ДаШЩ╪╚└╨°в╜╨L Б╜╨XЭЁйЭК и╣ Э0╣!Э8 ZГЭ@ ZГЭH ZГ и╣9ЖЭP╣:ЖЭX╜@╔╨ ZГН@LmА ZГЭhйЭpЭxЭА ▌Б╜@и╣╪ЁйЭЁLБйЩ╪╜ЁЁЭРйЭЁШ и╣оАЕ╣пАЕl╘А╘А╢А╘А╜ШаЁ╜░╔Рй ЭИL╫АйАаLрА +Б╜@ и╜ИЩ╚йЩ╔╜ШЩ╩╜аЩ╦╜@и╜РЩ▄йЭР▐░╨ ▌БшрЁLАйНра╣╪╨L$Б8.рИЁ`╜Ша╨йЕLiБ╜P╜PЕ╜XЕ╜`и▒╔░%ЕЭ╕йЭ└■`╜hи╣wГЕ╜И)└ 0ЭИ`8щи╣ЗБЕ╣ИБЕlПБРБжБоБ`╜И)Е╜░┼РLiБ╞LiБйЭ`L+Б■└╜PЕ╜XЕ╝`╚╜└╤░`йЭ└╜╕╨`▐╕╜╕ЕL^Б ZГи╔@Ё6░HйЭР╜@╔╨ШЭШL$ВШ и╣┴ЕЭШ╣┬ЕЭа╜@╔╨╜а °ЭаL$ВйЭШЭа╜иЭ░йЭ``╔Ё░!8щ@Е╜HЕйаFРeИ╨ЇЭиL▌БШ8щЁ и╣iВЕ╣jВЕlБВКВУВзВ░В┴ВыВГГ3Г<ГKГйЭЭ` ZГЭHL▌Б ZГ и╣9ЖЭP╣:ЖЭXL▌Б ZГЭhL▌Б ZГH ZГЭ8hЭ0L▌Б╜piЭp ZГ▌p╨▐йЭp╜0iЭ0╜8iЭ8L▌Б╜xiЭx ZГ▌x╨█йЭxL░В╜АiЭА ZГ▌А╨┬йЭАL░В╜И)?ЭИ ZГ)└ИЭИL▌Б ZГН@L▌БйЭЭНН`йЭЭНН`╜8Е╜0ЕiЭ0╜8iЭ8а▒`       й└Н@йН@йН@Н@НННа╣╚ДЩ ╚└╨їаШЩ╚└╨°а╣╕ДЩ╚╚└╨ї`00А0FФсФmХFФсФmХFФсФн╜z)ЁLВЕн╨НННННННL2Е═Ё.Н к╜ЗЖЕ╜ИЖЕа▒H к╚▒Щ)╩╨ўhкйЭйЭ╩╨єн╨НННННННLВЕ═Ё.Н к╜░бЕ╜▒бЕа▒H к╚▒Щ#╩╨ўhкйЭйЭ╩╨єн╛z)Ё`н╨` кйН╜гЕ╜гЕа▒H к╚▒Щ╩╨ўhкйЭйЭ╩╨є`∙└КW'·╧зБ];№р┼лУ}gS@. ■Ёт╒╔╛│йаЧОЖxqjd_YTPKGC?<852/,*(%#!MЖYЖ^ЖfЖhЖpЖvЖЖБЖДЖ         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E┴LO░GNE-Fig-Mag-Pri-Thi-Bis-Sam-Lor-Nin                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  wЎvww∙vЄv╗vЎv·v┬v┤vFv╝v─vTvBv╥uHvXvшu@x╪u╕whv├wsvоw^v╜ж╖╜╜║╕Ё╝М╖Ё╝Ё╝а╕о╝*╖о╝о╝>╕ъ╗Ш╢ш║L╝м╖"┐╬╣"┐"┐т║┐┤╣┐┐╚║╬╛R╣╬╛╬╛f║ 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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         wЎvww∙vЄv╗vЎv·v┬v┤vFv╝v─vTvBv╥uHvXvшu@x╪u╕whv├wsvоw^v▓╕╛▓╕▓╕"┐а╕Ї╜а╕а╕┐^╕Т╜^╕^╕ж╛№╖╜Ш╢Ъ╖╛╥║ц╗╥║╥║·╝└║╠╗└║└║р╝~║j╗~║~║~╝║╪║╕╕║╣ь╗|┐(┐о┐Z┐└┐l┐Ю┐J┐уфуфуфуфуфЁёЁЄєёЁЄєёЁЄєёЁёуфуфуфуфЁЄєёЁЄєёЁЄєёЁЄєёуфуфуфуфуфЁёЁЄєёЁЄєёЁЄєёЁёуфуфуфуфЁЄєёЁЄєёЁЄєёЁЄєёуфуфуфуфуфЁёЁЄєёЁЄєёЁЄєёЁёуфуфуфуфЁЄєёЁЄєёЁЄєёЁЄєёуфуфуфуфуфЁёЁЄєёЁЄєёЁЄєёЁёуфуфуфуфЁЄєёЁЄєёЁЄєёЁЄєёуфуфЁёЁЄєёуфуЁЄєёЁЄуфуфЁёЁЄєёуфуЁЄєёЁЄуфуфЁёЁЄєёуфуЁЄєёЁЄуфуфЁёЁЄєёуфуЁЄєёЁЄуфуфЁЄєёЁёфуфєёЁЄєёуфуфЁЄєёЁёфуфєёЁЄєёуфуфЁЄєёЁёфуфєёЁЄєёуфуфЁЄєёЁёфуфєёЁЄєёНwvwvwvНwvwvwvwvНwvwvwvНwvwvwvwvНwvwvwvНwvwvwvwvНwvwvwvНwvwvwvwvдедедедддедддедд++++уфуфуфуфуфЁёЁЄєёЁЄєёЁЄєёЁёуфуфуфуфЁЄєёЁЄєёЁЄєёЁЄєёуфуф▒╛┐└┴┐╛┬уфуфЁёЁё├$I:6┼ЁёЁёуф├$I:6┼уфЁЄєё╞╟╟╟╟╟╟▌ЁЄєёуфуф├$I:6┼уфуфЁёЁё├$I:6┼ЁёЁёуф├$I:6┼уфЁЄєё├$I:6┼ЁЄєёуфуф╞╟╟╟╟╟╟▌уфуфЁёЁё├$I:6┼ЁёЁёуф├$I:6┼уфЁЄєёЇїЎў°Ўї∙ЁЄєёуфуфЁёЁЄєёуфуЁЄєёЁЄуфуф▒╛ЁёЁё├$уф├$ЁЄєё╞╟уфуф├$ЁёЁё├$уф├$ЁЄєё├$уфуф╞╟ЁёЁё├$уф├$ЁЄєёЇїуфуфЁЄєёЁёфуфєёЁЄєё╛┬уфуф6┼ЁёЁё6┼уф╟▌ЁЄєё6┼уфуф6┼ЁёЁё6┼уф6┼ЁЄєё╟▌уфуф6┼ЁёЁё6┼уфї∙ЁЄєёНwvwvwvНwvwvwvwvНН╫╛└▀ННwv┌█стwvНН├▐э┼ННwv├▐э┼wvННыьюяННwv·їў√wvдедедлмддлмдд┘рд]npq 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                 Amphibian Amphibians Giant toad Giant toads  3 "Х                 Mangy dog Mangy dogs Coyote Coyotes  @ 8 А                Cleric Clerics Lvl 3 Cleric Lvl 3 Clerics  M 2 Р                 Kimonoed man Kimonoed men Lvl 3 Samurai Lvl 3 Samurai  3  Х                 Kimonoed man Kimonoed men Lvl 3 Ninja Lvl 3 Ninjas  3  `                Bear Bears Were bear Were bears  M  &                 Fly Flies Dragon fly Dragon flies   3u                Weird humanoid Weird humanoidsRotting corpse Rotting corpses  " А                Ogre Ogres Ogre Ogres  3 0 `                Insect Insects Huge spider Huge spiders                   Wererat Wererats Wererat Wererats  А @U                Insect Insects Boring beetle Boring beetles  3                  Dragon Dragons Gas dragon Gas dragons  f  u                Cleric Clerics Cleric Clerics  Ъ p                 Man in armor Men in armor Swordsman Swordsmen   Z  `                Insect Insects Huge spider Huge spiders  %                 Animal Animals Attack dog Attack dogs  3 0                 Gargoyle Gargoyles Gargoyle Gargoyles   А@$5                 Unseen entity Unseen entity Grave mist Grave mists  %3 А                Animal Animals Dragon puppy Dragon puppies     "А                Wolf Wolves Werewolf Werewolves  @ @ u                 Unseen entity Unseen entity Shade Shades  3 @u                Cleric Clerics Wizard Wizards   ' 5                 Man in armor Men in armor Minor daimyo Minor daimyos    &3                  Man in robes Men in robes Lvl 5 Mage Lvl 5 Mages  )3                  Man in leather Men in leather Lvl 4 Thief Lvl 4 Thieves  &3 @                Animal Animals Killer wolf Killer wolves #& `                 Unseen entity Unseen entitiesSpirit Spitits !3 @@                Insect Insects Giant spider Giant spiders 3  `                Animal Animals Weretiger Weretigers $3 @                Strange animal Strange animals Medusalizard Medusalizards +3 @                Cleric Clerics Lvl 5 Cleric Lvl 5 Clerics 03                   Man in black Men in black Lvl 6 Ninja Lvl 6 Ninjas  23                   Man in robes Men in robes Lvl 7 Mage Lvl 7 Mages 03                 Man in leather Men in leather Master Thief Master Thieves / 0 `                 Man in armor Men in armor Major daimyo Major daimyos   /А 3#@                Cleric Clerics High Cleric High Clerics 53 !`                 Man in armor Men in armor Champ Samurai Champ Samurai   4@ #Х                 Man in robes Men in robes Arch Mage Arch Mages  5M Р                Man in leather Men in leather Master Thief Master Thieves 6@  @                Strange animal Strange animals Gaze hound Gaze hounds  83 @$5                Ogre Ogres Ogre Lord Ogre Lords  : Р                Strange animal Strange animalsTroll Trolls :                    Unseen entity Unseen entities Lifestealer Lifestealers ;А 3x"@                 Unseen entity Unseen entities Nightstalker Nightstalkers 9; @@5                Strange animal Strange animalsWyvern Wyverns +3 @                Cleric Clerics Lvl 8 Cleric Lvl 8 Clerics =3                   Man in armor Men in armor Lvl 10 Fighter Lvl 10 Fighters   ?                  Man in robes Men in robes Lvl 7 Mage Lvl 7 Mages =M @                Man in leather Men in leather Lvl 7 Thief Lvl 7 Thieves >3                   Monk Monks Lvl 8 Ninja Lvl 8 Ninjas <3                  Giant Giants Earth giant Earth giants (  ┌@u                Demon Demons Lesser demon Lesser demons  B═ Ъ@Q                Strange animal Strange animalsChimera Chimeras  63 5                Giant Giants Fire giant Fire giants  D !                Strange animal Strange animalsGorgon Gorgons EА  )                 Cleric Clerics Lvl 8 Wizard Lvl 8 Wizards G3  `                 Man in armor Men in armor Lvl 8 Fighter Lvl 8 Fighters     I3 !@                 Man in robes Men in robes Lvl 10 Mage Lvl 10 Mages   GM                 Man in leather Men in leather Thief Thieves   G3  @                 Man in robes Men in robes Master Ninja Master Ninjas     @M А                 Unseen entity Unseen entitiesMurphy's ghost Murphy's ghosts  ¤M═ f~DP                 Unseen entity Unseen entities Will o' wisp Will o' wisps  ° є3                 Strange animal Strange animalsBleeb Bleebs  L3 `3                Giant Giants Frost giant Frost giants 2 KM єU                Dragon Dragon Fire dragon Fire dragons    P                Cleric Clerics High Cleric High Clerics  F  3                 Man in robes Men in robes High wizard High wizards  H  #Х                Man in leather Men in leather Master Thief Master Thieves  I   5                 Man in robes Men in robes Hatamoto Hatamotos   J                   Unseen entity Unseen entitiesVampire Vampires   V& 3830                Demon Demons Greater demon Greater demons  ¤ B│ єFEp                Giant Giants Poison giant Poison giants P NА є                 Dragon Dragons Dragon zombie Dragon zombies  ■ O @S`                 Man in armor Men in armor Raver Lord Raver Lords     R  AU                Conehead Coneheads High master High masters ■   U  ~0                Strange animal Strange animalsFlack Fleck  ¤ M  Т                 Man in robes Men in robes Arch Mage Arch Mages  S  1`                 Unseen being Unseen beings Maelific Maelifics √ X  Аt`                 Unseen entity Unseen entities Vampire Lord Vampire Lords √ V  s                  Man in robes Men in robes WERDNA WERDNA  ╚∙_  │XА                 Man in kimono Men in kimono High Ninja High Ninjas                    Cleric Clerics High Cleric High Clerics a  "                 Man in robes Men in robes Lvl 7 Mage Lvl 7 Mages b                   Man in armor Men in armor Lvl 7 Fighter Lvl 7 Fighters    c                                                                                                                                                 FIGHTER1  ААА ╔е!A Й ь╠FIGHTER2  ААА ╔ж!A Й ФюCLERIC1   @ААА ├v!A HЙ `THIEF1  ААА ▒e+AЙ чMAGE1    А zc!@  И ╪<MAGE2    А {c!?  И БbwЎvww∙vЄv╝vЎv·v┬v┤vHv╝v─vTvBv╥uHvXvшu@x╪u╕whv├wsvоw^vШ╢╪║Ш╢Ш╢░╝д╢ф║д╢д╢╝╝╚╢╗╚╢╚╢р╝║М╗L╖P╣d╜Ю╢▐║Ю╢Ю╢╢╝╢╢Ў║╢╢╢╢╬╝ ╖J╗ ╖ ╖"╜v║╝N╕▓╣Ў╜И╛к╛╠╛▐╛Ё╛┐┐ ┐╝╛╜┐└┬┴├╝рр╛г бг б╜сс┐тххцу чу чфссш╝рррррр╛г бг бг бг бг бг б╜сссссс┐╝рррррр╛г╝рррр╛бгг ббгг ббгг ббгг ббгг бб╜╜сссс┐┐╝рррррррррррррр╛г бг бг бг бг бг бг бг бг бг бг бг бг бг б╜сссссссссссссс┐╝рррррррррррррр╛г бг ╝рррррррррр╛ бг г б бг г б бг г б бг г б бг г б бг г б бг г б бг г б бг г б бг г б бг г б бг г б б╜с╜сссссссссс┐с┐╝рррррг г г г г г г г г г г г г г ╜ссссс╝рррррг г ╝рррг г г г г г г г г г г г г г г г г г г г г г г г ╜с╜сссррррр╛ б б б б б б б б б б б б б бссссс┐ррррр╛ бррр╛ б б б б б б б б б б б б б б б б б б б б б б б б бссс┐с┐вжже╖╕╣║в гагбгбгбгбгде в ▓┤▒╡▒│▒│▒│▒╢░ в га г а г аг бг бг бг бг бг бг бг бг дг д гд е в йа кма илмаи лни ои ои ои ои ои ои ои пи д ид з  а а а а б б б б б б б б б б б б б б б б д д д д а а а а а а а а аб бб бб бб бб бб бб бб бб бб бб бб бб бб бб бб бд д д д ▄╪╪█╔╞╟─ ▄▐▌▀▌▀▌▀▌▀▌┌▌ █ ▄╩╠╦╧═╧═╧═╧╚╧ ╬ ▄ ▐▌ ▐ ▌▐ ▌▀ ▌▀ ▌▀ ▌▀ ▌▀ ▌▀ ▌▀ ▌▀ ▌┌ ▌ ┌ ▌ ┌▌ █ ▄ ▐╫ ▐╥╘▐╥╒╓╙╒ ╓╨ ╓╨ ╓╨ ╓╨ ╓╨ ╓╨ ╓╨ ╓╤ ╓ ┌ ╓ ┌╓ ┘ ▐ ▐ ▐ ▐ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ┌ ┌ ┌ ┌  ▐ ▐ ▐ ▐ ▐ ▐ ▐ ▐ ▀▐ ▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀ ┌▀ ┌ ┌ ┌  ▐рррррррррррра ▐ аа ▐ асссссссссссс▐  ▐рррра ъссссссьыррррррэ асссс▐ ыррррёє ассссс ▐ррррръссссЁЄЁЄррррэссссс▐ ррррра ёєссссь                                                                                                                                                                         Аю┘ l№  WIZARDRY(╛│=3▒╣┌ ┌ ┌    йНLE┴ E┴ МЖ E┴ ВйЕCйЕD ьГйЕвЖ'╜иВХАшрl╨ЎЖй╖НйNНйНйНйЕ8йЕ¤Е E┴в╜`ВХp╩╨°Жp Аве8)╨ е)к╜ШВкЖ} фАн е Н е8)кеЁ ]А=АН фАн е Н е¤Н е╨ ц8е8╔╨LГе),Ё нIpНLhАе)РЁЧ E┴ ВйЁНLdДваАИ╨¤╩╨·`й У┴й Е¤йЁН Ае)РЁў ВйЕ¤Е№Е(йЕC ▌┴ и зЗйЕ(ЕEа\ Л┼LиБоя}Ё!╩╜┤{Ё╩° ·╡й Н E┴еЁ∙е=Ё>йНя}LЛБоя}О─z╩йЕ.╜▄}Е/а\▒.ЕMЁаTйЕ,й^╤.╨ yГLОБ╚ц,е,┼M╨ы╩╒ ├╨оя}Ё╩0 ╜┤{Ё°Ж, ▓ЙLОБйНйЕEНкЕ(йНБНВйЕC oКа Л┼ай Щ╥uЩ╥vЩrw╚╨Їа' Л┼а( Л┼йНв o═(GэБлИ╫Л╢УN│ўБ зЗ [├L4Щй ЕйН й?Н вО ан╝zJ░в╜pВН ╣ИВЩpш╚└╨юй?Н йН Н Н в О Н еа└вН И╨·╩╨ўКН шр@╨°`  ' ' '     '       '  '(87'&%!йProving Grounds!╧of!шthe Mad Overlord"K Welcome to"Жthe world of Wizardry"ы Start Game#+ Select Switchй У┴ Ае)╝╨B╬╨ нНйЁНц¤╨у╞¤юйЕ Ае)╝╨е╨є Ае)╝╨ю╨нН╞¤╨шй У┴н╔Ё╨нНL@А мФ ├╨йНЁ}Нё}НЄ}НЇ}Нї}йНє} Яч дчоя}╩ЖNжN╜▄}Е/аbйС. NЁ╞Nьй Наt Л┼й ┌Г Ў┴йЕC ВйЕ(а\ Л┼`йЕ:й5Е E┴е╨∙╞:╨ё`й Н йхН йА BДйБ BДйа BДйб BДй!Н йsН йЁН i╔№╨ўй#Н й╚Н вай Н И╨·йUН Н ╩╨ы`вН i╩╨°i вН i╩╨°ай Н И╨·`йЁНйЕ E┴ ВвОООйЕ╜№ЕН ш╜№ЕН ш╝№Еш╜№ЕН шИ╨Ў╞╨рйЕCв ИЕ \Е╩ўй?Н йН в╜|ЖХpшр╨ЎйЕ8 KЕ E┴е)├Ёж8рЁ7■╝z ИЕL╬Де)$Ё CЕц8е8)Е8L╦Де)Ё CЕ╞8е8)Е8L╦Де)Ё║в╜╝z)Э╝z╩їйЕCйЕDLАе8 ижй#ХАш╣tЖХАшйХАш` ,ЕйLQЕ ,Е╣uЖаХАшИ╨·Ж`ЖжйХАЕв╡АЁН ш╡АН ш┤Аш╡АН шИ╨ўLhЕж`╜∙ЕЕ╜╝z)ЁеiЕЖ╜цЕЕ╜уЕж ▓Ее ▓Еж`ХБй!ХАшшйХАш ┬Едц╣щЕ╔ ╨йХАш╣щЕаiХАшИ╨°Ж`LМ╠lмь 0(8@hPx`HpX!DАБВГДЕЖЗ!dРСТУФХЦЧ!ДИЙКЛМНОП!дШЩЪЫЬЭЮЯ!─абвгдежз!ф░▒▓│┤╡╢╖"ийклмноп└┴┬├─┼╞╟╚╔╩╦╠═╬╧"$╕╣║╗╝╜╛┐╨╤╥╙╘╒╓╫╪┘┌█▄▌▐▀╨Ё╪╪Ёр ! ва╜YЗ▌ЁЁ╚ЭЁ╩ё└░GйЕ.вЭ.}Э╓}╩ўНБйНя} kёвй`Е/а`▒.╨а▒.Ё а]▒.ЁйС. NЁц/е/╔t╨▀нtЁU`йЕ5йЕ4аЁв С4И╨√╞5╩╨ЎйНx~внТЗ >╖zшр╨ўйЕ.Е6й`Е/й│Е7в?╜iЗЭ╩ў й`Е/ NЁц/е/╔t╨ївК й╧н.Эtшрe╨ёюtйtЕ/LNЁH.YAJIMAK.CROSS й ╡┴йаH▒6С.И∙ц/е6iАЕ6е7iЕ7h8щ╨сL▒┴№а8 Л┼ ┼Зо╩ ╬/L[├й`Е/ав▒.Ёе/Эшц/е/╔t╨юО`й┬Е0й Е1вЖ8Ж:й к╨Жй аХАшИ╨·Жжд8╠РLДИ╣Е/а▒.ХАш╚└ ╨ЎшйLХАшЖа# з╬жа╣ХАш╚└╨їша ▒.и╣eэХАшй-ХАша ▒. ийЕ╣hэХА╚ш╞╨їша ▒. ийЕ╣=эХА╚ш╞╨їша%▒.╔&а]▒. е* ийЕ╣ЫИХА╚ш╞╨їЖе:)Ё E┴ц:ц8ж8рЁL╙З` Out DeadD/O йН [├а? Л┼ ╨g!в o═XW╚ИЙЗЙ╥ИЩЛЙня}Ёс J╟а▀ ж╟оя}╩ ╬пй? ╨ж,0╟ЖN╜▄}Е/йЕ] эдL╕Иоя}й рЁЭ┤{шLЙ [├L┌Бня}╔Ё Кн╨ J╟ам ж╟ ┌╧й? ╨L╕Иа8 Л┼ ┼Зо╩ ╬/0,ж,мя}ДN╜Щ▄}Е/а]▒. АС. ░Щюя} Кня}╔Ён╨╞ [├ oКй ╨L╕Иня}╨й? ╨L╕И J╟а▐ ж╟оя}╩ ╬п0х ▓Йй ╨LЗЙж, 9╨а]йС.а%▒.╔РайС.╜▌}Э▄}╜╡{Э┤{╜╤}Э╨}╜▀{Э▐{╜ |Э|╜3|Э2|╜]|Э\|╜┼}Э─}╜╦}Э╩}╜╫}Э╓}шья}╨╛ NЁ╬я}LoК BКй`Е/ва▒.Ё aК╨ а]▒.0е/Эшц/е/╔t╨сО`йЕоя}╩`╜▄}Е/а ▒.и╣юЕLIКа ▒.и╣lК%`вЖ8д8╠я}Р й аЭuшИ╨∙`╣▄}Е/й Эuша▒.Эuш╚└ ╨їша ▒.и╣eэЭuшй-Эuша ▒. ийЕ╣hэЭuш╚╞╨Їшд8╣╨}y.}mБЕ╔ў0 Ц╬LыКйLЕйOЕеЭuшеЭuшшд8╣▐{Е╣|Е ░╬а╣Эuш╚└╨ЇйЕнк╨д8╣6{0 Ёц╣╓}Ё╞д╣ЦЛЭuшд8╣┤{ЁihиЖ: ╩ж:а╣Эuш╚└╨ЇLКЛ╣╓}Ёй╨█╣2|Е╣\|Е ░╬а╣Эuш╚└╨Їй ЭuшЭuшц8е8╔╨`LsК- +ня}╔░L╕Ин▄}Е/ ~Уа ·яоя} ╥юйЕв╜▄}Еа╣ СИ°шья}╨ы зсL╕Иня}╨L▀БйН [├аM Л┼йоя}╩ ╬п [├L┌БЕNк╜▄}Е/╜┤{╔░OаN Л┼жNЖ╜┤{╔░<╜▐{Еm╜|Еl╜2|Еo╜\|ЕnйЕKЕLаX 5╔й ЕKйЕLйа ьяа│ 5╔в o═?}М [├еNi═я}╨ЗйLюЛ vУй ЕKйЕL )╟LEМЛМ8Н<Н@НDНlМZМаA Л┼еNЕ а| ж╟ ┌╧ J╟йЕhа'▒.Еi й┬)╨цiеi╔4╨йЕiцhL°Н CСа ·я ▌яР╨-йНжN■─}╨■╩}╜╩}Еk╜─}Еjа╔ 5╔ ╞О ■П oР AкLН ляа 5╔ 7╨ oК Н ╨й ╨L[├жN╜▄}Е/ЕЕй)Ей7Еа ▒СИ∙LNЁвЁ в╨в╨в╜┬ОЕfЖgа ьяйЕhа'▒.ЕiаA Л┼йЕEЁ:е)@╨wцiеi╔4╨йЕiцhеmefЕmеliЕlжg╜╛ОЕ╜║ОЕйЕ Е Е Е ляеm┼oеlхn░*жg╜╛ОЕ╜║ОЕйЕ Е Е Е ▌яРеE╨ ОцE _ОLgНеEЁ5еoЕmеnЕl _О J╟жNеmЭ▐{еlЭ|а Ёа'еiС.еhЁ а&q.С.а{ 5╔йЕE ┴МLМеNЕ аz ж╟йЕKаї 5╔йЕKаО ж╟еoЕеnЕ ░╬жй!ХАшйVХАшйХАша╣ХАш╚└╨їЖ`еmЕеlЕ ░╬жй!ХАшйPХАшйХАша╣ХАш╚└╨їЖй2ЕйЕв Tюжй!ХАшйРХАшй ХАша╣ХАш╚└ ╨їЖL┌╧P KПа▒.НTйЕЕ9╔╨а▒.НTе9кi7и▒.Ё8╜ юЕ8╜юЕ 8П╨ е8 Y■цц8е8 d■╨й <══T░е8 Y■цц8е8┼╨рц9е9╔╨кеЁа╩ 5╔LйПе8Е d■Ё`ц е ┼╨Є`йЕеjЕеkЁй Еа ▒.и╣юП06Ее8∙▐ПР,ЕеЁйi7ийЕе╤.Р╔ Рй С.е8хРЕ╚╞╨феiЕ╔╨з`йЕ8Е9йЕ:е9 d■Ёц:ж8ц9е9▌ю╨ье8i7ие:╤.РС.ц8е8╔╨╥`                    а&▒.ЕhйЕ8 й┬)ЁKйВ <═┼hРе8i и▒.╔Ё6iС.ж8╜cРи 5╔LZРе8i и▒.╔╨ й┬╔+Р▒.Ё8щС.ж8╜iРи 5╔ц8е8╔╨ж`╦╠═╬╧╨ЦЧШЩЪЫйЕ Е а▒.╔░!жNйЭ┤{йЭ2|Э\|Э▐{Э| J╟йЕKа╤Lж╟к╜0СЕ а ▒.к╜(СЕ р╨цj╨цkе <═e йie Е е iЕ еj8щЕjеkщЕkj╨╓жNеo┼ еnх ░е Э2|8хoЕе Э\|хnЕLСйЕйЕ■2|╨■\|еmeЭ▐{еleЭ|аgL5╔  ■■■■   &Ёа ▒. к╜.ТЕ4╜/ТЕ5а$▒.ЕИ▒.Е╨ еЁ╔ ░Е╞е eив▒4Э5ш╚р╨ї`а! uСе8щ ЕещЕ ╔╬в╡Э]╩°н]Ё╔ Ё в Тн] июн^Ё╔ Ё в Тн^ июн_Ё╔ Ё в Тн_ июн`Ё╔ Ё в Тн` июнaЁ╔ Ё в Тнa ию`Жв йХ╩√жа$▒4ЕJJJJХше)Хш╚└'╨щ`>ТeТМТ│Т┌ТУ(УOУ$)rQ$И4R1b`RuА`EЖ# D@u(Ч Ц2hV4ЧgFИrЧyX%yt%Q'CШt1Е)P1 SyТtYЙugu)FЖ$5ЦAЩУ0A2 Q&tFyH76%2'Б З`5Щ1&9!6ТdwcЩ5IsVvBИE3X@CДyP!Т8EgE3Yd8Т СfP4P`RcEf"А@p#ЦxЗdhf Ex5ЙbЦcGPP%CDax&7)@Е"TA)P"БW@up"6RЧWня}╔░`е/H &ЁйЕ8ж8╜▄}Е/ай Ёй 5яц8е8═я}╨фhЕ/Hай Ё зсhЕ/`ня}╨L▀БйН [├а@ Л┼йоя}╩ ╬пL>ФЕNк╜┤{╨L╜▄}Е/а\▒.ЕMаA Л┼йа ьяеNЕа 5╔ар 5╔в o═XOФ╫Ф╪Ц∙ЧkШФ&Ф vУ J╟LєУа\еMС. [├еNi═я}╨ФйL═У [├L┌Бай ьяй 5яайLЁай ьяй ляайLЁай ьяL▌явЖ Ж в╜*Х ╩°` tФвL╥юйTЕйLЕе/ЕЕдMИ▒Щ▒Щ*Иє`йTЕ.д, ╤ФйLЕ.д, ╤ФйЕ.а\╞MеMС.`▒.ИС.╚╚└╨ї`а ▒.и╣юНR J╟ ╨с! )ХL8Х E┴е РLЦ РLХ РL8Хе)╨ е)Ё▄LIХL@Х ╨ ┴ J╟LєУйа ья J╟аL5╔в RХLЄФо RХLЄФо ФХLЄФЖoйЕ8й┬Е0й Е1╜tЁ К й╧н$╨ ╥Хе0i Е0Рц1ц8ж8р╨`цoжoрe╨╙вЖoL`ХЖoйЕ8йвЕ0й!Е1╜tЁК й╧н$╨ ╥Хе08щ Е0░╞1╞8ж8`╞oжo╫вdЖoLвХж8еoЭже0ХБе1ХАйХВшшшЖа ╧║ у║а н0-R╨а#жй ХАшФАшЖLE┴ J╟а 5╔аО ж╟в ╬/аLлЦк╜ЕoеM╔╨аLлЦеo й╧ tФ jФ░аLлЦн0-R╨ J╟а 5╔в ╬pЗ J╟йЕKе,ЁаLлЦ tФ WФйTeMиеoС.йLeMийС.цMа\еMС.жo╜t╔ Ё ▐t╨аLлЦа ж╟йtЕ/ NЁжN╜▄}Е/ NЁ ┌╧ )Хжo╜tЁLЄФнНL@ХеM╨LФйЕ, НФ J╟вЖ8й┬Е0й Е1 аЧ ╔Ч E┴ц8ж8фM╨яй ЕKа 5╔аО ж╟е,┼MРщжM╩ ╬/0qк╜*)@ЁаLКЧ╜ й╧ ЕФай И·╔╨аLКЧд,╣*) Ё йЕ Е ЕйЕ╛╜t╔■░■t DФ мФйtЕ/ NЁжN╜▄}Е/ NЁа ж╟ ┌╧еMЁLуЦ J╟ AкLєУж8╜ й╧й к╨д8╣*Е З╨ХАшЖае) ЁаL╧║ ЕФвй ╩√╔Ёж8╜*) Ё йЕ Е ЕйЕй ЕйЕLЁ║еM╨LФй@ фШй ЕKйЕL )╟а 5╔аО ж╟жM╩ ╬/0Aк╜*)@╨аL[Ш╜ й╧ ЕФ jФ░а L[Ш ЕФ WФ мФ NЁй@ фШй ЕKа ж╟ ┌╧еM╨а J╟LєУеM╨LФй фШй ЕKйЕL )╟а 5╔аО ж╟жM╩ ╬/0Hк╜*) ╨аL╘Ш╜ й╧ ЕФ jФ░а L╘Ш ЕФ WФд,╣*)▀Щ* #кй фШй ЕKа ж╟ ┌╧еM╨Щ J╟LєУЕ9 J╟еM╨` НФвЖ8й┬Е0й Е1 аЧе9%╨ вйЭ(╩· ЕФй ЕйЕ Ё║ E┴ц8ж8фM╨╘`а Л┼а' Л┼йНа* Л┼в o═ GGЩэЪБЩ'дQЩ{Щ [├ [├йН [├ z■ <Ёаs Л┼аЗ Л┼ Й■ [├ [├LгБ [├L┌Бня}╨L>ЩвЖN Aк юЩцNжNья}╨ё [├ [├аa Л┼ ┌╧ [├L╨╨жN╜▄}Е/аa▒.Э╓}а▒.Э|╚▒.Э▐{╚▒.Э\|╚▒.Э2|╚▒.Э╩}╚▒.Э─}╚▒.Э┤{ AкжNй ╝╩}╨╜─}ЕйЕй *єеЕа▒.Ей *єй8х8хЭФ}ЭЪ}Эа}Эж}Эм}а ▒.Е eЕа ▒.Е eЕйЕ дNйФЕй}Е▒ж8¤|Ъж8¤дЪйiС╞ `ццеiЕР╫ц╨╙аИ Л┼в ╬p_Ё [├LЫвйЭЁ╩· J╟йЕKаЇ ж╟ E┴LчЪ z■ [├ [├ [├а" Л┼а+ Л┼ ╨)!в o═HGЫ9ЫHЫЫВЫhЫеЫнЁЩ [├ УЗж,0╨╜Е/ {вL■Ън╔ЁLоЫа╢LМЫнЁ= [├ УЗе,0зйЕ]ж,╜Е/ эдL■ЪнЁ [├ УЗж,0З╜Е/ овL■ЪнЁLФгамД: J╟йЕKд: ж╟ ┌╧й+ ╨LЫ [├ [├L└Бв`Ж/вЖ.а▒.Ё ц/шр╨їLЫ [├ uЯнH╨L■Ъ дрЁе5Е/йЕ] эдL■Ъ ▌┴а. Л┼жй ХАшй┬ХАшйХАша╣IХАш╚└╨їЖ ╨е!а├ 5╔в ╬pwЁL╟Ь J╟а/ Л┼а┐ ж╟а0 Л┼в ╬`_0ўНQ иИжй ХАшй╫ХАшйХАЕ8ш╚╣=эХА╞8╨їшЖ [├а2 Л┼ ╨!#а└ ж╟в ╬`_0ўНSижй ХАшй╤ХАшйХАш╣eэХАшЖ [├ ╨Ь ╨ж!а─ 5╔в ╬pw╨ xб зЗ J╟ [├L■Ъа4 Л┼а3 Л┼ ╨!# J╟а┬ 5╔й <═iН[в й┬╔ ░й m[Н[╩╨юнQ mЁЭЕ4нёЭЕ5а▒4ЩTИ°йЕ, DЮ╞,∙йЕ, Юц,е,╔╨їй ЮйЕ, E┴е, i_НйНйНйhНйЕе Р н[╨╓еmЁ╥LйЮ)и╣ЖЭЕ╣ЗЭЕlEЭ║Э╓ЭEЭжЭEЭEЭEЭ▒ЭEЭEЭEЭEЭEЭEЭEЭе,╔Ёц,LEЭе,Ё╞,LEЭн[Ё ж,╜T╔╨LEЭiЭT╬[LъЭд,╣T╤4╨LEЭщЩTю[ ЄЭLEЭ█эе, Юй Ю DЮйУЕ0й!Е1йЕ8 rЮц8ж8р╨ї`жи iОХБй!iХАйХВ╣TЕ Ц╬еХГеХДКiЕ`е,к ийЕ╜T┘лэvg╚╞╨єй ЕmвмS╡g%m9иэЕm╩Ї`й к╨д8еm9юЁЖШiYи ╩жа╣ХАш╚└╨їLжЮай ХАшИ╨·Ж` J╟а┴ ж╟в шеm=юЁ°ЖnЖ,в╩еm=юЁ°Жo E┴е, i_НйНйНйРНйЕе Р йЁНе,НRLBЯJJ)и╣ЯЕ╣ЯЕlЯЯ.ЯЯL╦Юе,┼oЁ ц,ж,еm=юЁїL╦Юе,┼nЁ ╞,ж,еm=юЁїL╦Ю E┴нR ижй ХАшй╙ХАшйХАЕ8ш╣hэХАш╚╞8╨їЖ [├ [├L[├йЕmй аЩIИ·а& Л┼йЕ*Е+нг~i#и Л┼ E┴е+ж*р ╨╔╨й iЯНйНйНе* i НйЕжй"ХАшеmiХАшйХАше ) ╨йLюЯй ХАшЖе Р`йж+╩08i L№Яe*инг~ к╜ бЕ╜ бЕ▒╔ ╨жй ХеmНHйЁН [├L[├дm└ЁЩI╚ДmжХеm╔ЁLШЯй Е*йЕ+LШЯ РеmЁЎ╞mжй ХдmЩILШЯ Р [├юг~нг~)Нг~йЁНLОЯLаJJ)и╣ЯаЕ╣ааЕlШЯ┐араШЯ°аШЯШЯШЯбШЯШЯШЯШЯШЯШЯШЯе*╔ Ёц*LШЯйЕ*е+╔Ёц+L╟айЕ+L╟а╞*й Е*е+Ё╞+LїайЕ+LШЯе+╔Ёц+LШЯе+Ё╞+LШЯбDб1234567890-=\qwertyuiop[] asdfghjkl;'` zxcvbnm,./ !@#$%^&*()_+|QWERTYUIOP{} ASDFGHJKL:"~ ZXCVBNM<>? йЕ.айС.╚йС.╚╨√а╣GС.╚└╨Ўйd <═idЕйЕ ░╬аеС.╚е С.а&й С.╚й С.оR╜Yв <═}_ва"С.а С.а(й С.айС.╚└╨∙а#йС.╚йС.й <═ Еа'▒.i,╔4Рщ4цС.И▒.eС.а7йС.╚└E╨∙оR╝eв0"▒.ЕйЕй *є╜mвЕж╜uв Y■ц╞0╨Ё йПе/ Н lзLNЁ           йЕ. +жа. 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Л┼ ╨и [├цNжNья}╨▄а[ Л┼ oКй ╨LB║еMЁня}╔░Lева╜▄}┼/ЁЩI╚шья}╨яаF Л┼ Rноя}╩╩ ╬ИпLLнк╜IЕ7йЕ6а\▒6╔╨ J╟йЕKа╢ ж╟ ┌╧LВмЕ9 [├аG Л┼йжM╩ ╬П0~iLи▒.Н*а╖L?н а!L?не9iLин*С6е,iTи▒.Не9iTинС6 мФ Фзй9 ╨а\ц9е9С6 NЁе/Е:е7Е/ NЁе:Е/е9╔Ёе,┼MРМщ░ИLLнД: J╟д: ж╟ ┌╧ [├Lе J╟а▌ ж╟й╥Е0й"Е1йЕйЕй к╨д╣HЕа▒ХАш╚└ ╨Ўй ХАшй(ХАша\▒ХАшй)ХАшЖце═я}╨╟LE┴еMЁPаH Л┼йжM╩ ╬П0<iLи▒.а╖L█н а!L█н мФ NЁ Фза╞Д: J╟д: ж╟ ┌╧й9 ╨е,┼MР╛щ░║ [├Lеа\▒.ЁкЕаL▒.) ╨╚╩╨Ўhhж(╩╜╔g╨ [├Lеж` ¤наg Л┼ ¤н╩Ш8щL ╬П0рiLиЕ▒.) Ё╘а#▒.╨_╚▒.╔░XЕ e ЕйZ8хЕйd <═┼░@е ╔ ░_ e Ей#8хЕйd <═┼░Jеiи▒. й╧н$Ё:дй└С. Фз J╟ ┌╧ [├LCед▒.)▀С. 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С.LAк ■¤№                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Аю┘ l№  WIZARDRY(╛│=3▒╣┌ ┌ ┌ LE┴x╪в Ъю┘ йН Н н 0√н √н 0√йкХЭЭЭЭЭш╨ьй ╡┴ АйЕ йЁНйЕй У┴йЕD Э┴йЕC з┴й │┴L╩┴н йН йН@йЕН ┬йН е Н е¤Н е№Н еD Э┴еC з┴йН@йН@ан@)╔&н@)╔&И╨ынрН@ва╣╚Щ@йЩ@╜▄ЁйЭ▄╣╩Щ@╣╦Щ@ш╚╚╚╚└╨╓еI %%ЕеI %%ЕевJ░а■ФL5┴Ў╨а·ФH╜A┴$ЁйЇХL4┴Еh╩╫ц [┬жЪ`║ЖжЁ йЁЭшшшш╨ўй ╡┴ А ▒┴жйХАеЕеЕеЕеЕеЕеЕе  Ао Н ц@╨№цALК┴вН ЯJ╩╨∙`вН ┐J╩╨∙`вН ▀J╩╨∙`е√Е√Н  JН  JН  JН  JН  `@ E┴й │┴ Ай │┴LАй ╡┴в╜╗Эrx╜x╗Эъxш╨ёL▒┴й │┴ ЫГйL│┴вL!┬Н Н ш╡АН ш┤Аш╡АН шИ╨ў╡А╨уе Н й?Н йдp╨ШН йН в╡pН шр╨Ўй?Н йН Н Н `еI)рi@ЕеJiЕвLа┬Еш╡АЕш╡АЕ ше8хЕехЕ╨д╡АЩАш╚╞ ╨їLа┬ш╞ ╨√╡А╨╦ЕАЕ`еAe@ЕAц@╨цAеA`8TpМи─р№4PlИд└▄°0LhДжй#ХАшнc └ХАшйХАЕшмc╣└ХАш╚╞╨їЖ E┴нйL╡┴йНйL╡┴╣@ВЕ йЕ╣╨ВiЕ JfJfJfЕ╣░БeЕЕ ╣ БeЕ * * *)Е `ж(╩╝Ж( ├ ├е ЕFе iЕ%е Е&еЕ!еЕ" ├LЙ├ щ┬ Ш├е&ЁЇ щ┬L▒┴м ╟╞F╞&ве!)р8щ Е!ЕБе"щЕ"ЕАй@ЕВйCЕеFJ░┌ я─вL╨├ ╒├шф(╨°`╝Ж ├ ╟ ├е)ЕеF8х  Еe Е╔ Ёж`е ЕеЕе!)рЕ!ж╝жц╨LЮ─еЁе кL╝─╣РАЕ#╣АЕ$е й╞LJ─Шe#Е#е$iЕ$а╞Ё▒#╚╔ Ёч─╨їL>─еЕЖй№ХГш▒#╚╔ Ё)ХГш╞╨Єй√ХГр ░йЕе кцЁL>─ж`ХГш╞Ё▐й LТ─е ╟еЕйўХГшй·ХГш╞╨∙й∙ХГж`е ╟еЕЖйЎХГшй¤ХГш╞╨∙й°ХГр ░йЕЕе ЕL─ж`йЕе!)рЕ!ц!йЕвЖй ЕГЕвЕгЕ┬еF╔ЁV8щ╔░\ ий╥y╣┬Е#йuy║┬Е$е й╞нw)@ЁйН┌Н█Н▄Н▌н╔╨аДL^─в?й ХГ╩√й№ЕДЕдй√ЕбЕ┴` Ю─вй Хг╩╨√`вй ХГ╩╨√еF╔╨в!L╝─` ├ж(ц(ШЭ ╟╣░БЕ!i ЕI╣ БЕ"iЕJ╣РАЕ#╣АЕ$╣@ВЕ%ЕG╣╨ВЕ&ЕHйЕKЕL ├ &╞е!) Ё щ┬ U╞╞&Ё U╞ щ┬╞&╨яже!i Е!ХБе"iЕ"ХАшше%иiХАшйўХАшй·ХАшИ╨·й∙ХАшЖе% ╟ щ┬L▒┴е% ╟же"ХАше!ХАше%иiХАшйЎХАшй¤ХАшИ╨·й°ХАшЖ`же!i Е!ХБе"iЕ"ХАшше%иiХАшй№ХАшЖй ХАшИ╨·й√ХАшЖаж▒#╚╔ ЁХАш─%╨ЄШe#Е#е$iЕ$е%Ее!ЕйЕ ╞╞нbЕ ╞╞╞╨∙йЕеJJ)Ее е"* )8НcЕае)@Ёае)Ё╚╣!╟%Е╣%╟д9└Щ└ц`Еце!ЕйL╣╞йU└ЁйНb` 0└№є╧?еKH ╩еH8хKЕKеLH x╟╞KЁ V╟hЕLhЕK`еIЕ!еJЕ"еHЕK t╟╞KЁ е╔3Рє E┴LV╟е╨` ╩LE┴йЕLже!eLХБе!i Е!е"ХАiЕ"еG8хLХВшшший ХАшИ╨·Ж` n╟ ╩ваеH┼K╨L5╚е!i ХБе"iХАйЕй Х╨▒#╚╔ Ё╔■╨е╨=ц#╨╦ц$Lм╟Ие╨Z`ХГшцеG┼╨╙Д'▒#╔ Ё╔■░╔,Ё╔.Ё╩╞Ие╨цеGЕкд' E╚цKцKеH┼KЁе!i@Е!Рц"Lм╟а▒#╔ Ё Я╚Lм╟`╚▒#╔ Ё∙╔.Ёї╔,Ёё╔■ЁэшшшШe#Е#Рц$ЖвеG8хJЕuАХАеХБже"ХАше!eХАшеХАша╣╨ХАш╚─╨їЖLE┴йЕ E┴е╔╨ўеJЕ"еIЕ!йЕKеKi┼H░@ЕK ╧╚ ╧╚ E┴L╕╚жЕе!ХБi Е!е"ХАiЕ"шшеGХАшЕе!8щ@и╣АХА╚ш╞╨їЖ`жGшшше"ЕАХАе!ЕБi ХБРЎАеGЕВХВшшшдGИй ЩГХАшИўЖLE┴ n╟ ╩аже"ХАше!eLХАшйЕЖш▒#╚╨ц$╔ Ё^╔■ЁMХАшццLеG┼L╨фйЕLД'ЖежХАцKеH┼KЁе!i Е!Рц"е╔3Рз E┴д'L=╔▒#╔ Ё ┌╧ J╟д'L8╔Д'йЕLе╨╝L}╔еЁЖжХАLE┴ ╩ж ╩е!iХБе"ХАшшЖша╣╚╔■░ХАшLу╔ЖИШжХАцKе╔PР E┴`йЕ"еK &" &"eIЕ!еJe"Е"`йНй ╡┴йЕ#йЕ$Ш и░ ╣еЕ!╣еЕ"LL╩╣жЕ!╣жЕ"а▒!╔■░╔ЁР )к╜■╠Е╜ ╠ЕLi╩ Е╩С#╔ Ё╚╨┘ц$LN╩йЕ$аД#L▒┴lй `й С#╚▒!к╩╩Ёёй С#ц#╨ц$LФ╩жL└╩Шe#Е#Рц$Шe!Е!Рц"`ж й╩╜п█╨╜▄}ЕйЕL╦ й╩йЕй~вLЇ╩кй ╡┴╜╤z *╧йЕй~Е╜7Ёеi Еа▒Ец╨ц▒С#╚╞╨ўИШe#Е#Рц$нй ╡┴а▒#`в L9╦в L9╦в╡Е╡Ей8хЕйхЕй-С#ц#╨ц$йХйd *єеХйd *єеЁ С#ц#╨ц$ЎеЕй *є╡╨еЁ еС#ц#╨ц$Ў╡╨еЁ еС#ц#╨ц$Ў╡Ей *є╡╨еЁ еС#ц#╨ц$е`в╜2╨шр╨Ўй`)ЁЁ Ё╦рЁ ╠шL▄╦╜2)`╜2JJJJС#ц#╨ц$`╜2)С#ц#╨ц$`е) ╨е й╧вКmНL-╠е й╧внй ╡┴шьЁ╜С#ц#╨ц$L3╠╜`й <═кLc╠е╔░ёй <═iкнй ╡┴╜`Гк╜Г╔ Ё С#ц#╨ц$шLm╠е#8щЕ#е$щЕ$▒#`е кД╜Д8хЕ╜ДщЕ▒╔ Ё╒С#ц╨цц#╨ц$Lе╠е z╧нй ╡┴в╜Г╔ Ё░С#ц#╨ц$шL╔╠вй ▌л╨╩╨°шЖв╜лС#ц#╨ц$шф╨Ё`Л╩╝╠Р╠T╠&╠╔╦д╩╘╩╠╛╩▄╠-╦2╦7╦е╨е`ДйЕ й┬ K═8eРцЕ╩╨юд`ЕД й┬ K═де`Ее@ЕдДай &&РeРцИ╨яЕе`йЕ,Ж-hЕhЕа▒Е*╚▒Е+╚▒Е!╚▒Е" E┴е, e+Не*НйНйНе йНд,L┐═ д-▒!Е╚▒!ЕИйЁНlе)╨е)Ё│е,Ё╞,╞,LР═е-Е,LР═е-┼,Ёц,ц,LР═йЕ,LР═йЕ,Ж-hЕhЕа▒Е*╚▒Е+еiЕРцеHеH E┴е, e+Не*НйНйНе йНйЁНе,` йЁНЕ,`е)╨е)Ё╗е,Ё╞,L+╬е-Е,L+╬е-┼,Ёц,L+╬йЕ,L+╬▒.ЕйЕе+I ЕцL─╬▒.Е╚▒.ЕеI ЕеI Ец╨цй-L╦╬й ЕЖ вйХ╩╨√е8¤╧Ее¤╧РЕЎL╪╬е}╧Ешр╨▐еЕвй Х╡╨шр╨є╩еХж `'шd х╜╣п█Ди╣╤zдЕ8jЕДj)АЕй ╡┴аn▒Щ~И° ▒┴д`й ╡┴╜╤z *╧в╜Ё}Х ╜l~Э2И╩ё 5яв╜2ЭЁ}╩ў ▒┴`ДаДЕ e &m╧Ееm╧Ей ╡┴▒ЩГ╚└ ╨ЎдL▒┴ДаДЕJfjfЕцй ╡┴а?▒ЩИ°дL▒┴нx~Ё'J╨Lш╧нx~Ё╔-░ й-Lэ╧нx~ЁЕ? 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