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[[[[[ NO DATA [[[[۠ .   in  at ,0 Gp EXIT MEN,@Th| "# "$%[ȅ$% 1 ₢ 4 W  W䢈 袈$% 1 ₦ оf[ O# W$% 1 1 1 LYou achieved the title oYou failed to achieve a ran and  making you member of your community !#"N$%Ji  1 1 ₭2 **)& Wi& W$% 1 1 ₭6ʆ W$% 1 1 ₭0ʆ W$% 1 ₩\ Je JJ' W$% 1 1 1 1 LYou retired from privateerinat the age of You were unable to find brideYour bride is  anYou succeeded in rescuing memberof your familyYou were wounded  timeIn the course of youtravels, you becom man #"B$%L WL`B W ₩ 1 BL. W  W F W J8[IiN8\Ii 8 8 W W$% 1 1 1 L} 1 LThe Sailing Master takes yoaside. #Here in you'll probably be wantin' tsee the  Governor anvisit a tavern or two. Thmen'll be anxious for plundeand adventure so we needn'be sightseein' for too longThe closest  city i which lies days sailing to the #a"$%L`  W( 1 ₦L` [ ,  L  J 1 ₩$%  WL`[ ,0L׍[[ W 1 ₥ о[ P$% 1 ₩$%  WL`[ ,L-[[ W 1 ₥ оL`0 $% 1 ₥!~{|L#My dear  we are at wawith the we are allieof the I charge you to seeout and destroy ouenemy's ships and towns! #"r$% 1 1 ₦Xʽ)00JJ $%J W 1 1 1 LThe tavernkeeper listenwith interest as you describyour promising plans׏ 0MoܐAiyour recent visit tyour pride at being mad your gleeful men as theplundered your bold capture of th your masterful sinking of th your heroic engagement of th your discovery of the losInca treasureyour discovery of burietreasureyour capture of for the  crownyour failed attack oyour daring capture of thtreasure fleetyour daring capture of thsilver trainthe thrilling rescue oyour  !#A" $% 1 ₢  1 ₦ T X 1 1 L\JJJJJ)i\) W\)i W+\9$%`PRISONERS   (Pirate   (Hunter[ #" $% ₥[ 1 ₩\ [Lk$%D W) L[ 8LDȪ O \B J 1 1 BL 1 L No, thanks   GOLD PCS ByB `  Afejfejfejfejfejfejfejfejf`     #F! !' d "" "# ` @! ` `" @ `"& @!" ` ""g"G""" B!` o!!a" !ה iȕϥF|_6 ԫJүزK* Through long, hard work, yobecome a merchant captainFull of ambition, you cascovetous eyes on the vaswealth of the Spanish MainThe final step is an audiencat court for royal approval#My loyal captain,& says youpatron, #I will finance thivoyage. I charge you to seout on this mission with mapproval.In a few months you arrunning before the trade windwith a fast, powerful warshibeneath your feet. #Land ho!cries the lookout. You havmade landfall in thWest IndiesOne night, playing cards in tavern, you overhear an olsea captain. #Mates, thSpanish conquered Peru yearago. Some of the treasurnever reached Spain. A fortunin Incan gold awaits a bolman in the Caribbean!Inspired by the tale, you seesupport for a voyage froaristocratic friends. Thehelp you to find a ship ansupplies and gain favor acourtSoon you have a royal chartefor a new colony in the Indiebut the land is poor, and thcolonists are discouraged#Turn back,& they demandYou must face their leadersword in handVictorious, you and youfriends put the malcontentashore. Now it's time to secourse for adventure, famand fortune along the fableSpanish MainDefeated, you and a fesupporters are put in a smallleaky boat. Taunts, jeers anlaughter ring out across thwater as you sail away, youface flushed with shameYears ago your family was pooand starving. Your future lain the New World, a land oopportunity and hope. Enterinthe Caribbean a hurricanwrecks your ship. Clinging ta spar, you are rescued by thSpanishYou are indentured to harlabor on a sugar plantationOne day you chance upon somsmugglers in a far corner othe fields. They casuallask if you would like tescape and lead their bandThe smugglers elect yocaptain. That night yolead the sturdy band in sneak attack on a smalship riding at anchorYou sail to a friendly pornearby. A family frienintroduces you to thgovernor. He provides #Letter of Marque& authorizinattacks on enemy ships. Noyou are ready to seek youfame and fortune on thSpanish MainYoung and poor, you seek youfortune in the New World. Tpurchase passage you indenturyourself, binding you to woron a sugar plantation for fivyears as payment. But on thplantation your debts onlgrowYou decide to escape this lifof debt slavery. You ask somlocal seamen about joining th*Brethren of the Coast.' #Aymate,& they replyThe seamen are reallbuccaneers! In need oknowledge, they invite yoto join their party. Buthe voyage is unprofitableThe men decide new leadershiis required. They nominatyou to duel the captain focommand of the shipYou are happy living as ahonest seaman, but your unclgambles away all the family'money. To help feed youstarving mother, you steal piece of bread from the bacdoor of an aristocrat'mansion [ and are caughtAfter waiting months in a fouprison, the judge hears youcase. #You common scum don'take the law seriously!& hsnarls. #Transportation tthe colonies for ten yearhard labor will teach you somhonest work!You and your sturdy band saito a friendly port. There yoarm and provision the shipYour charismatic personalitbrings flocks of recruits frothe taverns, each seeking newealth on the Spanish MainThe governor of San Juapockets your gold and smiles#It gives me great pleasure taward you this commission aEnsign in the Costa Guarda.He laughs, #Now you calegally repay those foreigdevils we've suffered for tolong&#Of course,& the governocontinues, #you are obliged tprotect our shipping too. Buthat should be no problem foone such as yourself!& hsmilesOn your first voyage a smalconvoy of enemy ships falls tyour squadron. One enemy cutgrapples and starts away#Take that ship,& your captaiyells, #and she's yours!Your party jumps aboard jusin timeVictorious, you take the shito a friendly port, where yorepair, rearm and provisioit. With your promisinreputation, finding a crew athe local tavern is no probleIn just a few weeks yousturdy band clamors to sesailAs a protestant sea captain icatholic France, you and youfamily are imprisoned by ordeof Cardinal RichelieuFinally, an old friend of higstation visits. You pleawith him, #Let me leave Francfor the New World!Years ago your family settlein the New World. Then a ricgrasping nobleman used corrupt judge to seize thfamily lands and imprison youYou escape and begin a lonsearch for your lost familyFinally, you encounter sailorin a portside tavern, down ttheir last few gold doubloons#Mate,& they call, #help urefill our purses.Your skill as a merchancaptain is famous throughouEurope. The best traderemploy you. Finally, aofficer of the powerful WesIndies Company approacheyou with a proposition tcommand a voyage to thWest IndiesA few months later your sturdship and crew are in the WesIndies. You encounter Spanish ship and hail themonly to find yourself boarded#Foreign heretic scum aren'permitted here,& snarls theileader, drawing his swordBorn into a family of sailorsyou too wish to seek youfortune at sea. The currenwar offers many opportunitiein the West Indies for aenterprising young man. Thtales of old, wealthprivateer captains stir youbloodYou decide to seek a life oadventure. In a seaside taveryou meet a famous captainYou fall into conversation antell him the tales you havheardAs a young man you fled youfamily's debt slavery on sugar plantation. You livamong the buccaneers of thcoast, learning to shoot, thandle a sword, and handle ship. Most importantly, yolearn bravery and leadershipYou are born into a merchansailor family, inheriting ship. Alas, the newrestrictive trade laws oEngland and France make mosvoyages unprofitable. Theyou hear that enforcement othese regulations is lax ithe IndiesOn the eve of a greaexpedition, the leader fallill! You claim knowledge othe West Indies and volunteeto take command of the voyagand your patron believes youDefeated and seriously woundeyou are put ashore to recoverFrom that day forth you arcalled *unlucky'. Credit foships and stores iunavailable and only thlowest, most desperate seamesign with youxL IQ;jƠheɷe"f˴>͖̈ξΉ"г>8ҝ{g'WjKiZ\Iܼ2ݱ9p߲.}::0 %x\dq#3%#He was last seein the city o&, thgovernor adds#I have information whicmay be of value to you,  says#I will be quite happy tenlighten you in exchangfor my freedom.& Do you Ask about Treasure Flee Ask about Silver Trai Hold him for ransoAs you sneak into town yoare recognized by one othe governor's guards#Halt, you cowardlscum pirate,& he criesYour former comrades takpity on you and tradyou for a nobleman thehave captured. They agreto take you back as a captainIn a dark corner of thtavern a scruffy piratoffers to sell you parof an old treasure mafor 0 gold pieces Buy the ma No, thankOver a delicious dinnethe governor offers yo Letter of Marqufor 0 pieces of goldWill you pay Yes N#Though you have offended th crown, we may forgivyour piratical offenses fo0 pieces of gold.Will you pay Yes NThe governor presents yowith an elaborately writteroyal proclamation. #Irecognition of your bravand loyal service to th crown, I do gladlconfer upon you the title o!The  arfamiliar with recencomings and goings oprominent persons o. Do yowish to inquire abou No inquir    The crew swaggers off tsquander their hard wogold, and enjoy themselvein the local townDo you.. Plan another expedition Retire from privateerinAmid great anticipatiothe plunder is counteand divided. Each cremember's share comes t0 gold pieces. Mosof the crew feels quit with their portionAs captain (of the party, you receiv officer's portionstotalling 0 gold pcs#I have recently had newof your long lost ,the governor says#The Evil Spaniard  knows you's whereabouts.#I shall also grant yo acres of land irecognition of your nobldeeds,& the governor addsThe crew rushes off tsquander their hard wogold. The local tavernresound with the clamoof drunken sailorsYour adventure on thSpanish Main is completeThe governor introduces yoto his young daughter. Shis presently being courted b , but shseems interested in youDo you Make pleasant conversatio Propose marriag#Well! What cheek! HRMMMPHJust what kind of a laddo you take me for? Yoare but a poor, unknown captain anI am a lady of beauty anrefinement& she exclaims#Oh! That's so very nic ,& shreplies. #But my suitois a wealthy and verdistinguished manPerhaps when you also havdistinguished yourself wcan speak of this again.#You have captured my heart . Woulthat I could be your brideMy suitor, however, is a verjealous man. He will likelchallenge you to a duel! Fight the due Retract your proposaAmid merriment ancelebration you anyour lovely bridare marriedAn accurate salvo ocannon fire from thfort drives you bacto the open seaYour ship sailout of range othe enemy. Thbattle is overUsing full sails anskillful seamanshithe enemy vessepulls out of rangeYour ship is holein a dozen placeand gradually sinkbeneath the wavesThe enemy ship catchefire and is destroyeas the flames reacthe gunpowder magazineAfter a long chasthe sun sets, endinthe battleAs you approach the enemship, a white banner shootto the top of the mast#They've struck their colorCaptain!,& the crew cheersThe Sailing Master warnyou, #The men be growinrestless cap'n. If ydon't find us plunder soome thinks they'll mutiny!Your ship is careened anrefitted. Provisions arcollected and stowedNews of your expeditiospreads among the islandsSmall groups of hardy mereturn to join your bandYour lieutenant confronts yoon the quarterdeck. #Captainye're a skulker and a cowardI'm taking this ship to searcfor plunder and Spanish gold!You draw your sword and attacthe mutinous lieutenantWith your last ship goneyou are washed ashore on auncharted island. The locaIndians feed you and helyou to regain your strengthMany months pass.One day a small ship arriveat the island to resupplyYou recognize some of youformer crew members! Theagree to take you back as a captainYou have disgraced yourselin personal combat! Youreputation is ruined! Iwill take many brave deedto cleanse this blot oyour honorYour men flee in panic athe tide of battle turnagainst them. You bravelfight on and are woundedYou are imprisoned i. Months pasas you await your fateAfter three days ofruitless digginthe search is calleoff. There is ntreasure hereYou spot the Evil Spaniar  sneaking oua back entrance. He draws hisword as you rush after himThe two ships crash togetheand boarding parties leaover the rails. In the swirand smoke of battle you spo  approachingWith a jarring crash onof your ships grindonto a shallow reef anrapidly fills with waterThe crew is starvingA surly group steals boat and deserts, takina portion of the plunderThe local governor fleeat the sight of youvictorious mob. You mainstall a new governorShall he be.. Spanish English French or DutcAs you flee the battlethe undamaged enemy shioverhauls a slow sailin from youfleet and captures itThe town has had warninof your ship's approach of their golhas been hidden awayYou beach your shifar from the fortYour men refuse tmarch and returto their ships#Many years ago the Spanisplundered the ancient Inccapital. While transportinthe great riches to Spaina treasure galleon foundereand sank. By luck and crafI acquired part of a mato this incredible treasure#You are a skilled anable swordsman. I wiltell you what I knowYour  is held captivon a remote plantationThis map may help yoon your quest.The governor's daughter ioverwhelmed by your charand wit. She agrees tgather information for yoat the governor's houseAfter dinner you visit you. #I've made notof the latest news angossip at the governor'house,& she says. #Look.Your digging uncovera chest of solid oakOpening the box you fin0 gleaming pieceof gold and silverYour  is rescuedAfter years of searchinyou are at last reunited#I have a mysterious anexciting tale to tell,your  exclaimsYou have found the losInca treasure! Richebeyond your wildest dreamare laid before you100,000 gold pieces arcollected and carrieaboard your shipYou have captured throyal Spanish treasurfleet! A flood of goland jewels pours intthe hold of your shipYou have captured thSilver Train bearina fortune in silvefrom the mines of PeruThe crew sings lustilas they haul it aboardThe once proud town o is at youmercy as the remaindeof the garrison fleesYour crew begins to rounup gold and valuables 's familwill pay a ransom o0 gold pieces fohis safe return, thgovernor informs you Take the gol Wait for a better offe#So you have brought mthat despicable pirate ,& thgovernor observes#The king will be verpleased at this news.I am greatly pleased that yohave fulfilled the mission gave you, the governor saysYour service will brememberedThe months pass quicklas you search for a waout of your predicamentFortunately you are stilyoung and healthyThe passing months taktheir toll on your spiritand vitality. There imuch yet to be done anlittle time to wasteThe months pass slowlwith frequent periods odiscouragement and illnessPerhaps it is time to quithis life and settle downEach month seems an eternityAdvancing age and old battlwounds combine to sap youstrength. Perhaps you cacomplete one more voyageYour crew scatters to thwinds. Advancing age anold battle wounds combinto sap your strength. Youship's officers sign owith a younger, more activcaptain. You reluctantldecide it is time to retireYour men scale the walls othe fort. As the battlrages, the fort's commandeattacks you with his swordYour men are scattered anexhausted. The attack o has failedThe Sailing Master warnyou, #We've been sailinfor many a month, cap'nThe men are anxious to bdividin' up the plunder.#I am disappointed thayou have failed to completthe mission I gave to you.#I have an urgent missiofor you,& the Governor saysDo you .. Accept the mission Refuse the mission#You must deliver thiletter to my cousin whlives in the city o. Please hurry.#You must deliver thisecret document to mhalf brother who iacting as a spy for ounoble King in the city o. His futurdepends upon your haste.#The pirate *is again roaming thseas off the city o. You muscapture him and hicut throat band.#My son is held captivby our King's enemiein the city o. I chargyou to capture the towand free my son.The Governor's cousin acceptthe letter you have brought#The Governor will surelreward you for this service,he adds with a smileThe Governor's half brothequietly accepts the secredocuments you have brought#The King will be greatlpleased by your efforts,he whispersYou have captured thevil pirate *'The Governor will bgreatly pleasedThe Governor's son is freefrom his dark prison cell#My father will reward yohandsomely for this nobldeed.& he criesOne night after a dain the tavern, you falasleep in your usuacorner. You wake to thsound of wind in thrigging, and discovethat you've been pressganged into serving aas a common sailor onobleman's ship! It imonths before you cabuy yourself off at thnearest port  inow in   leffor a few months agoWould you care tsell any shipsWould you like anships repaired#Sail Ho!The lookout reports sail on the horizon#We're in  watersthe Master remindsShall we Investigat Continue voyag#Sail Ho!The lookout reports sail on the horizonShall we Investigat Continue voyagShe looks lika captain. Shall we Investigat Sail awaShe's flying colors, captainShall we Close for battl Hail for new Sail awa#Arrrgh! It's that :  He's chasing us, captain!He's overtaking us captainWe'll have to fightThe crew swaggers off tsquander their hard wogold, and enjoy themselvein the local townDo you.. Plan another expedition Retire from privateerin Advance to  leveNot enough crewone ship lostWelcome to #PIRATES!Return with us to thgolden age of Buccaneerinon the Spanish MainDo you wish to.. Start a new career Continue a saved game Look at the hall of fameDo you wish to select special historical period No, thank YeSelect a time period The Silver Empire (1560 Merchants and Smuggler (1600 The New Colonists (1620 War For Profit (1640 The Buccaneer Heroes (1660 Pirates' Sunset (1680Are you an ENGLISH  FRENCH  SPANISH Are you an ENGLISH  FRENCH  DUTCH  SPANISH Are you an ENGLISH  FRENCH  DUTCH  SPANISH What is your family name(Smith, Jones, ETC. A B C D E F G H I ʠ K L M N O P Q R S Ԡ U V W X Y Z ' [ ENĠ .........MR. which difficultlevel will yochoose Apprentic Journeyma Adventure SwashbuckleWhich special abilitdo you have Skill at Fencin Skill at Navigatio Skill at Gunner Wit and Char Skill at MedicinWhich ship do yowish to leave behindRoll call reveals tha crew memberhave deserted  Jumpoverboard and escapes LATITUDE: DEAD RECKONING LONGITUDE:  LATITUDE: We have  men and cannon ready for battleWinds are . WhicShip will you commandCaptain, we've capture  ana  gun  o0 tons. We have space fo tons in the holdShall we keep her Yes, send a prize cre No, plunder and sink heCaptain, we've capturea  gun  o0 tons. We have space fo tons in the holdShall we keep her Yes, send a prize cre No, plunder and sink heCaptain,  sailorwish to join our crew Take the Leave theIn , yoset about gathering new ship and crew&Zj>C|Gh^PVERA CRUVILLAHERMOSCAMPECHBELIZGRAN GRANADHAVANPROVIDENCSAN.CATALINFLORIDA KEYST.AUGUSTINPTO.BELLPANAMNOMBRE DIOGRAND BAHAMPTO.PRINCIPNASSASANTIGO VEGPORT ROYALELEUTHERSANTIAGCARTAGENSANTA MARTTORTUGPETIT[GOAVRIO DE HACHPORT[DE[PAILEOGANYAGUANMARACAIBISABELLLA VEGGIBRALTASANT.DOMINGCORCURACAPTO.CABELLBORBURATCARACASAN JUABERMUDCUMANMARGARITST.MARTIST.EUSTATIUST.KITTST.CHRISTOPNEVIMONTSERRAANTIGUST.THOMGUADELOUPGRENADST.LUCIMARTINIQUTRINIDABARBADOӠFLORIDA CHAFLORIDA CHAMrEnsigCaptaiMajoColoneAdmiraBaroCounMarquiDukcowardlpromisinwell knowfamounotoriouinfamouapprenticjourneymaadventureswashbucklean apprentica journeymaan adventurea swashbucklefingoofaipooSpanisEnglisFrencDutcpiratunknowhunteSpaiEnglanFrancHollana Spanisan Englisa Frenca Dutca piratangrunhapppleasehappsistefathemotheunclGUARD SUITOR MUTINEERCOMMANDECAPTAIN SPANIARDJanuarFebruarMarcApriMaJunJulAugusSeptembeOctobeNovembeDecembe(Letter of Marque(No TitleWarHostils(Married guards guarTreasure FleeSilver TraiSpaiPer0 Pc StrugglinSurvivinProsperinWealth Divide part Join part Searc Save gamsea[side porinland tow Sail into harbo March into towthe forone of the fortPINNACSLOOBARQUCARGO FLUYMERCHANTMAFRIGATWAR GALLEOGALLEOFAST GALLEOFORԮ anMONTALBADELGADVASQUELAMANCHCARRANZFRONSECDE OCANRUIZ MOTDE SILVALMAGRDELGADORGONENAVAGERQUEVEDGONZALEMONDEJADE LOYOLDE NEIVALVARADSANCHEESCOBEDLA TORRPORRENVILLEGADE TOLEDD'VALDEMENDOZENRIQUEOROPESRAMIREVERGARDE CASAFIELDINMODYFORHOLCROFGIBBSOMATTINGLBOTHWELPARSONWHIDDOCULLIFORROBERTALEXANDEGILFORTURNBULFLETCHEHAWKSODOUGHTRACKHAHOWARDRANDELPGLATSBBABINGTOMC COMBEERICKSOMULLERCLINTOWILSOOLGILBTHORNBILGILBEREDWARDWEBSTEBYFORRAYNALD'COLIGNL'CROZAGALOISSEBASTIATOURNOPASSERAVALBELLCARRIERRIBAULLE GRANOLONAIBELLIEVRJOYEUSD'AILLMARECHADESAREDE LAVALD'CLARIOLA SALLEPERNOCRILLOMONTIURABELAIFENELODU TRETRD'VILLROBERVABRISSADESCHAMPGUILHOVAUDEMONVAAN RYHRYTERTROMPEDE VRANWALCHEREVAN THRUESENHEIARNSTALDE GRAFBRUGMANVAN HUDDHAAKLEWYGERDEHINGEGOTTINGEVAN HUSDER WEVAN NECHOUTMADE VRIEERASMUPADERBORSPEELMEVAN WERTHUYGHEDE WITBRUEGEVAN RAPRYSWYCWRANGEZIMMERVAN KNUYwiffrienHideCropSugacitizenpatrontravellercrewmeHIDES CROPS SUGAR MERCHANT PRICLEAVE BEHIN TOWOVERBOARNEW PARTSEAHAWCORSAIRENEGADEXPLOREADVENTURETRADEHUGUENOPRIVATEEBUCCANEEPIRATCOSTA GUARD nort soutwesteasta femanlighmediustronthenemy captaiSomMucMosan undistinguishea little[knowan averaga creditabla well respectea greatly admirea very importana hugely importana penniless paupea very poor maa man of average wealta somewhat prosperous maa rather wealthy maa very wealthy maan extremely wealthy maa cautious and cowardla quiet and cautioua competent and activan active and darina daring and bola bold and fearlesa brave, bold, and fearlesa shrewisa friendla lovelan excitinpestersome creaturattractive wenccheerful girbeautiful womasad and bittelonely and quiequiet and contentecontented and cheerfucheerful and happhappy and fun[lovinKings advisoGovernoLt. governoFleet admiraRich bankePlantation ownWealthy merchnGeneraSugar planteMerchnt captaiCouncil membeColoneShop owneMajoTavernkeepeSailing masteSergeanBartendeSailoFarm hanRoguScoundrePaupeBegga (baron (count (marquis (duke (princeJJJJ`JJJJ`JJJJ`xL-3#+vF/9QI` ?L L mL 5015*+P`S5Ȅ5`0e10j2  `20L:p)QR34ȱ30L6ɀ}S 5`Jia? 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