Название Размер
   1943 - The Battle of Midway (Pasti Original).zip 240.17 Kb
   1st Division Manager (Pasti Original).zip 278.79 Kb
   3D Construction Kit, The (v1.10)(Pasti Original).zip 504.70 Kb
   9 Lives (Pasti Original).zip 548.45 Kb
   Action Fighter (Pasti Original).zip 118.89 Kb
   Action Service (Pasti Original).zip 501.12 Kb
   Addams Family, The (Pasti Original).zip 993.63 Kb
   Advantage Tennis (M3)(Pasti Original).zip 1.07 Mb
   Afterburner (Pasti Original).zip 1.47 Mb
   Airball (Pasti Original).zip 281.79 Kb
   Air Strike USA.zip 273.03 Kb
   Alcatraz (Pasti Original).zip 814.84 Kb
   Alcon (Pasti Original).zip 106.13 Kb
   Alien World (Pasti Original).zip 629.34 Kb
   Altered Beast (Pasti Original).zip 587.02 Kb
   Amazon (1985)(Telarium)[2 Disks][!].zip 506.71 Kb
   Anarchy (Pasti Original).zip 1.13 Mb
   Another World (Pasti Original).zip 1.57 Mb
   Antago (Pasti Original).zip 510.86 Kb
   APB - All Points Bulletin (Pasti Original).zip 397.87 Kb
   Arctic Fox (Pasti Original).zip 166.53 Kb
   Arena (1986)(Psygnosis)[2 Disks][!].zip 147.51 Kb
   Arkanoid - Revenge of Doh (Pasti Original).zip 291.34 Kb
   Armour-Geddon (Pasti Original).zip 1.40 Mb
   Artificial Dreams (Pasti Orginal).zip 177.86 Kb
   Artura (Pasti Original).zip 333.39 Kb
   Astaroth (Pasti Original).zip 379.43 Kb
   Asterix Chez Rahazade (1987)(Coktel Vision)(Fr)[!].zip 850.06 Kb
   Asterix - Le Coup Du Menhir (1989)(Coktel Vision)(Fr)[!].zip 675.40 Kb
   Atari STE Language Disk (Fr).zip 257.43 Kb
   Atomic Robo-Kid (Pasti Original).zip 1.01 Mb
   Aventures de Moktar, Les - La Zoubida (Pasti Original).zip 1.07 Mb
   Backgammon Royale, Chess Player 2150 (1991)(Oxford Softworks)(M3) [docs][Intelligent Games Compilation].zip 4.47 Mb
   Bad Cat (1987)(Rainbow Arts)[2 Disks][!].zip 678.60 Kb
   Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja (Pasti Original).zip 737.12 Kb
   Balance of Power (1987)(Mindscape)[!].zip 276.29 Kb
   Ball Game, The (Pasti Original).zip 129.32 Kb
   Ballistix (Pasti Original).zip 185.87 Kb
   Barbarian II - The Dungeon of Drax (Pasti Original).zip 966.95 Kb
   Barbarian (Pasti Original).zip 387.52 Kb
   Bard's Tale, The - Tales Of The Unknown (1987)(Electronic Arts)[2 Disks)[!].zip 628.63 Kb
   Bargon Attack (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 4.29 Mb
   B.A.T. (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 2.43 Mb
   Batman - The Caped Crusader (Pasti Original).zip 568.03 Kb
   Batman - The Caped Crusader (The Hit Squad)(Pasti Original).zip 790.46 Kb
   Batman The Movie (Pasti Original).zip 478.78 Kb
   B.A.T. (Pasti Original).zip 2.42 Mb
   Battle Chess (Pasti Original).zip 929.14 Kb
   Battleships + Beyond The Ice Palace [Thrill Time 2 Compilation].zip 245.21 Kb
   Battleships (Pasti Original).zip 173.34 Kb
   BattleZone (1986)(Atari)[!].zip 53.75 Kb
   Beach Volley (Pasti Original).zip 1.08 Mb
   Berlin 1948 (Pasti Original).zip 1.10 Mb
   Beyond the Ice Palace (Pasti Original).zip 86.85 Kb
   Billiards Simulator (Pasti Original).zip 351.58 Kb
   Black Cauldron, The (Pasti Original).zip 306.50 Kb
   Black Sect (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 1.79 Mb
   Black Tiger (Pasti Original).zip 206.07 Kb
   Blasteroids (Pasti Original).zip 386.54 Kb
   Blitzkrieg (Pasti Original).zip 327.77 Kb
   Bolo (Pasti Original).zip 785.29 Kb
   Bombuzal (Pasti Original).zip 299.10 Kb
   Borodino (Pasti Original).zip 111.97 Kb
   Boston Bomb Club (Pasti Original).zip 283.44 Kb
   Boulder Dash Construction Kit (Pasti Original).zip 121.73 Kb
   Brataccas (Pasti Original).zip 128.03 Kb
   Bubble Bobble (Pasti Original).zip 174.72 Kb
   Bubble Ghost (Pasti Original).zip 154.61 Kb
   Buggy Boy (Pasti Original).zip 223.64 Kb
   Cabal (Pasti Original).zip 708.16 Kb
   Cadaver (Pasti Original).zip 1.59 Mb
   Cannon Fodder (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 2.18 Mb
   Captain Blood + Arkanoid 2 [Precious Metal Compilation].zip 764.15 Kb
   Captain Blood (Pasti Original).zip 536.18 Kb
   Captain Fizz (Pasti Original).zip 99.57 Kb
   Captive (v1.2)(Pasti Original).zip 2.09 Mb
   Carrier Command (Pasti Original).zip 967.51 Kb
   Castles (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 1.04 Mb
   Chambers of Shaolin (Pasti Original).zip 1.13 Mb
   Championship Baseball (Pasti Original).zip 108.51 Kb
   Championship Wrestling (Pasti Original).zip 252.74 Kb
   Chaos Strikes Back (v2.0)(Pasti Original).zip 605.30 Kb
   Chaos Strikes Back (v2.1)(Pasti Original).zip 1.13 Mb
   Chase H.Q. (Pasti Original).zip 490.96 Kb
   Chess Champion 2175 (Pasti Original).zip 414.68 Kb
   Chessmaster 2000, The (Pasti Original).zip 498.02 Kb
   Chuck Rock (Pasti Original).zip 1.08 Mb
   Circus Games (1988)(Tynesoft)[2 Disks][!].zip 656.33 Kb
   Civilization (Pasti Original).zip 2.01 Mb
   Codemasters Compilation (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 1.08 Mb
   Codoroute - Le Circuit (1988)(Ecolauto)(Fr)[!].zip 134.44 Kb
   Codoroute - Les Panneaux (1988)(Ecolauto)(Fr)[!].zip 519.97 Kb
   Codoroute - Tableau de bord (1988)(Ecolauto)(Fr)[!].zip 149.90 Kb
   Codoroute - Tests Module 1 (1988)(Ecolauto)(Fr)[!].zip 634.81 Kb
   Codoroute - Tests Module 2 (1988)(Ecolauto)(Fr)[!].zip 624.37 Kb
   Codoroute - Tests Module 3 (1988)(Ecolauto)(Fr)[!].zip 611.51 Kb
   Codoroute - Tests Module 4 (1988)(Ecolauto)(Fr)[!].zip 606.89 Kb
   Codoroute - Tests Module 5 (1988)(Ecolauto)(Fr)[!].zip 567.35 Kb
   Colonel's Bequest, The (Pasti Original).zip 4.60 Mb
   Colorado (Pasti Orginal).zip 495.42 Kb
   Computer Scrabble DeLuxe (Pasti Original).zip 122.68 Kb
   Conflict Europe (Pasti Original).zip 605.97 Kb
   Conqueror (Pasti Original).zip 273.35 Kb
   Continental Circus (Pasti Original).zip 281.84 Kb
   Corporation (Pasti Original).zip 468.25 Kb
   Cougar Force (1990)(Coktel Vision)(En-Fr)[!].zip 1.74 Mb
   Crack Down (Compilation Super Sega)(Pasti Original).zip 1.37 Mb
   Crack Down (Pasti Original).zip 1.91 Mb
   Crash Garrett (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 473.35 Kb
   Crazy Cars II (1989)(Titus)[NRJ Compilation][!].zip 447.10 Kb
   Crazy Cars III (Pasti Original).zip 887.54 Kb
   Cricket Captain (1989)(D & H Games )[!].zip 188.59 Kb
   Crime Does Not Pay (Pasti Original).zip 642.78 Kb
   Crimson Crown (1985)(Penguin Software)[!].zip 206.66 Kb
   Croisiere Pour Un Cadavre (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 5.23 Mb
   Crystal of Arborea (1990)(Silmarils)(Fr)[!].zip 931.23 Kb
   Crystals of Arborea + Targhan (Silmarils)(Fr)[Sword and Magic Compilation].zip 1.27 Mb
   Cybernoid II - The Revenge (1989)(Hewson)[!].zip 287.85 Kb
   Cybernoid - The Fighting Machine (Pasti Original).zip 298.13 Kb
   Dark Castle (1987)(Three-Sixty)[!].zip 1006.03 Kb
   Death Sword (1988)(Epyx)[!].zip 200.68 Kb
   Defender of the Crown (Pasti Original).zip 886.04 Kb
   Degas Elite (1986)(Tom Hudson).zip 225.68 Kb
   Deja Vu - A Nightmare Comes True (Pasti Original).zip 727.12 Kb
   Deluxe Paint ST (1990)(Artistech Development).zip 1.45 Mb
   Desolator (Pasti Original).zip 292.83 Kb
   Deuteros (Pasti Original).zip 1.00 Mb
   Devon Aire in the Hidden Diamond Caper (Pasti Original).zip 201.57 Kb
   Disc (Pasti Original).zip 1.02 Mb
   Dive Bomber (Pasti Original).zip 371.74 Kb
   Dizzy Wizard (Pasti Original).zip 495.81 Kb
   Dominium (1992)(Microids)(Fr)[2 Disks][!].zip 991.80 Kb
   Donald Ducks Playground (Pasti Original).zip 117.03 Kb
   Do! Run Run (Pasti Original).zip 169.44 Kb
   Double Dragon II - The Revenge (1989)(Virgin)[2 Disks][!].zip 1.32 Mb
   Double Dragon (Pasti Original).zip 954.43 Kb
   Dragon Breed (1989)(Activision)[!].zip 723.34 Kb
   Dragonflight (De)(Pasti Original).zip 4.05 Mb
   Dragonflight (Pasti Original).zip 4.03 Mb
   Dragon Ninja (Pasti Original).zip 393.50 Kb
   Dragons Breath (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 910.70 Kb
   Dragon's Lair (1989)(Ready Soft)[4 Disks][!].zip 2.50 Mb
   Drakkhen (1990)(Infogrames)[3 Disks][!].zip 1.08 Mb
   Drakkhen (1990)(Infogrames)(Fr)[3 Disks][!].zip 1.81 Mb
   Dr. Doom's Revenge (Pasti Original).zip 1016.95 Kb
   Drivin' Force (1990)(Digital Magic)[!].zip 436.11 Kb
   Dungeon Master (v1.0)(Pasti Original).zip 350.29 Kb
   Dungeon Master (v1.2)(De)(Pasti Original).zip 667.08 Kb
   Dungeon Master (v1.2)(Pasti Original).zip 667.31 Kb
   Dungeon Master (v1.3)(Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 667.90 Kb
   Dynamite Dux (Pasti Original).zip 336.45 Kb
   Dynasty Wars (Capcom Collection)(Pasti Original).zip 380.96 Kb
   Electronic Pool (Pasti Original).zip 311.07 Kb
   Eliminator + Nebulus + Pac.Mania [Power Pack G Compilation].zip 1.05 Mb
   Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (1990)(Audiogenic)[!].zip 375.10 Kb
   Emmanuelle (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 724.99 Kb
   E-Motion (Pasti Original).zip 433.71 Kb
   Enchanted Land (Pasti Original).zip 1.13 Mb
   Enchanter (Pasti Original).zip 201.37 Kb
   Esprit (Pasti Original).zip 802.22 Kb
   E.S.S. - European Space Simulator (Pasti Original).zip 478.69 Kb
   ESWAT - Cyber Police (1990)(U.S. Gold)[2 Disks][!].zip 1.39 Mb
   Exolon (Medalist)(Pasti Original).zip 174.84 Kb
   Explora II (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 2.93 Mb
   Explora - Time Run (1987)(Infomedia)(Fr)[4 Disks][!].zip 1.45 Mb
   Extase (1990)(Virgin)[!].zip 498.28 Kb
   F-15 Strike Eagle (Pasti Original).zip 109.39 Kb
   F-16 Combat Pilot (Pasti Original).zip 911.02 Kb
   Falcon - Mission Disk Volume II (Pasti Original).zip 327.16 Kb
   Falcon - Mission Disk Volume I (Pasti Original).zip 412.04 Kb
   Falcon (Pasti Original).zip 709.68 Kb
   Fantasy Graphics (Pasti Original).zip 974.67 Kb
   Fantasy World Dizzy (1991)(Codemasters)[!].zip 459.54 Kb
   Fascination (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 2.23 Mb
   Fast Food (1992)(Codemasters)[!].zip 538.82 Kb
   Fernandez Must Die (Pasti Original).zip 125.98 Kb
   Fighting Soccer (Pasti Original).zip 409.51 Kb
   Final Battle, The (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 741.95 Kb
   Final Blow (Pasti Original).zip 511.79 Kb
   Final Fight (Pasti Original).zip 1.20 Mb
   Fire and Brimstone (Pasti Original).zip 1.20 Mb
   Fire Brigade (v1.11)(Pasti Original).zip 448.18 Kb
   Fire & Forget II - The Death Convoy (Pasti Original).zip 265.67 Kb
   Firestar (Pasti Original).zip 801.77 Kb
   Firezone (1988)(PSS)(Fr)[!].zip 189.61 Kb
   First Person Pinball (1989)(Tynesoft)[!].zip 713.69 Kb
   First Samurai, The (1991)(Image Works)[!].zip 1.12 Mb
   Fish! (v1.00)(Pasti Original).zip 648.15 Kb
   Flight Simulator II (1987)(Sub Logic)[!].zip 154.93 Kb
   Flight Simulator II - Scenery Disk 7 (1987)(Sub Logic)[!].zip 101.81 Kb
   Flight Simulator II v1.1 (1987)(Sub Logic)(Fr)[!].zip 271.47 Kb
   Flight Simulator II v1.1 (1987)(Sub Logic)[!].zip 361.06 Kb
   Flimbos Quest (Pasti Original).zip 718.21 Kb
   Flip Flop (1986)(Kingsoft)(En-De)[!].zip 23.85 Kb
   Flip-it & Magnose - Water Carriers From Mars (Pasti Original).zip 793.14 Kb
   Flood (Pasti Original).zip 865.69 Kb
   Flugsimulator II (1987)(Sub Logic)(De)[!].zip 362.96 Kb
   Football Manager 2 (Pasti Original).zip 282.36 Kb
   Forgotten Worlds (Capcom Collection)(Pasti Original).zip 724.72 Kb
   Forgotten Worlds (Pasti Original).zip 432.97 Kb
   Frankenstein (Pasti Original).zip 176.28 Kb
   Freedom - Les Guerriers de l'Ombre (1988)(Coktel Vision)(Fr)[!].zip 719.82 Kb
   Frenetic (Pasti Original).zip 697.05 Kb
   From Little Acorns (Pasti Original).zip 426.79 Kb
   Frontier - Elite II (v1.05)(Pasti Original).zip 706.27 Kb
   Galactic Empire (Pasti Original).zip 1.14 Mb
   Galaxy Force II (Pasti Original).zip 411.53 Kb
   Garfield - Winter's Tail (Pasti Original).zip 312.92 Kb
   Gary Lineker's Hot-Shot! (Pasti Original).zip 165.22 Kb
   Gauntlet II (1989)(U.S. Gold)[2 Disks][!].zip 1.36 Mb
   Gauntlet (Pasti Original).zip 382.48 Kb
   Gauntlet (US Gold)(Pasti Original).zip 373.40 Kb
   Gedeon le Cameleon (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 546.22 Kb
   Gettysburg (Pasti Original).zip 389.32 Kb
   GFL Championship Football (Pasti Original).zip 126.67 Kb
   Ghostbusters II (Pasti Original).zip 1.54 Mb
   Ghosts 'N Goblins (Pasti Original).zip 358.53 Kb
   Ghouls 'N Ghosts (Capcom Collection)(Pasti Original).zip 1.24 Mb
   Gobliiins II - The Prince Buffoon (1992)(Coktel Vision)(Fr)[3 Disks][!].zip 3.10 Mb
   Gobliiins (Pasti Original).zip 2.92 Mb
   Gods (Pasti Original).zip 982.76 Kb
   Goldrunner (Hit Disks Volume 1)(Pasti Original).zip 230.37 Kb
   Goldrunner II (Pasti Original).zip 223.88 Kb
   Goldrunner II - Scenery Disk 1 (Pasti Original).zip 278.48 Kb
   Goldrunner II - Scenery Disk 2 (Pasti Original).zip 336.68 Kb
   Goldrunner (Pasti Original).zip 205.23 Kb
   Graeme Souness Soccer Manager (Pasti Original).zip 280.27 Kb
   Grand Prix 500 2 (1990)(Microids)[2 Disks][!].zip 1.43 Mb
   Grand Prix 500 (Pasti Original).zip 129.99 Kb
   Great Napoleonic Battles (Pasti Original).zip 600.22 Kb
   Guild of Thieves, The (Pasti Original).zip 377.94 Kb
   Gunshp (Pasti Original).zip 507.24 Kb
   Hardball! (Pasti Original).zip 157.74 Kb
   Hell Bent (Pasti Original).zip 352.06 Kb
   Hellowoon - Das Geheimnis des Zauberstabs (v0.4)(Pasti Original).zip 532.44 Kb
   Hero Quest (Pasti Original).zip 562.25 Kb
   High Roller (Pasti Original).zip 271.58 Kb
   High Steel (Pasti Original).zip 198.98 Kb
   Highway Patrol II (Pasti Original).zip 714.18 Kb
   Hillsfar (v1.0)(De)(Pasti Original).zip 811.93 Kb
   Hook (Pasti Original).zip 1.75 Mb
   Hostages (Pasti Original).zip 599.65 Kb
   Hudson Hawk (Pasti Original).zip 941.22 Kb
   Ikari Warriors (Pasti Original).zip 295.11 Kb
   Il Etait Une Fois (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 560.20 Kb
   Impact (Pasti Original).zip 220.94 Kb
   Imperium (Pasti Original).zip 335.84 Kb
   Impossamole (Pasti Original).zip 291.02 Kb
   Impossible Mission II (Pasti Original).zip 277.88 Kb
   Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Action Game (Pasti Original).zip 235.10 Kb
   Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Fr)(Pasti Orginal).zip 1.61 Mb
   Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Pasti Original).zip 110.42 Kb
   Indy Heat (Pasti Original).zip 436.35 Kb
   Infestation (Pasti Original).zip 300.44 Kb
   International Rugby Challenge (Pasti Original).zip 706.83 Kb
   International Soccer Challenge (Pasti Original).zip 483.03 Kb
   Into the Eagle's Nest (Pasti Original).zip 209.71 Kb
   Iron Lord (1989)(Action 16)[!].zip 1.19 Mb
   Iron Lord (1989)(UBI Soft )(Fr)[!].zip 1.22 Mb
   Ishar II - Messengers of Doom (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 3.81 Mb
   Ishar - Legend Of The Fortress (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 1.95 Mb
   Ishar - Legend Of The Fortress (Mu)(Pasti Original).zip 2.10 Mb
   Italy 1990 (Pasti Original).zip 427.37 Kb
   Ivanhoe (1989)(Ocean)[2 Disks][!].zip 1.81 Mb
   Iznogoud (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 215.09 Kb
   James Pond 2 - Codename Robocod (Pasti Original).zip 466.58 Kb
   James Pond (Pasti Original).zip 1.31 Mb
   Jet (Pasti Original).zip 234.27 Kb
   Jim Power in Mutant Planet (Pasti Original).zip 2.63 Mb
   Joe Blade 2 (Pasti Original).zip 214.48 Kb
   Joe Blade 2 (Thrift Edition)(Pasti Original).zip 375.73 Kb
   Joe Blade (Pasti Original).zip 47.68 Kb
   Jumping Jack'son (Pasti Original).zip 860.60 Kb
   Jungle Book (1988)(Coktel Vision)(Fr)[!].zip 625.53 Kb
   Kaiser (De)(Pasti Original).zip 1.86 Mb
   Karate Kid Part II, The (Pasti Original).zip 301.44 Kb
   Karate King (Pasti Original).zip 128.40 Kb
   Kelly X (Pasti Original).zip 46.13 Kb
   Khalaan (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 753.56 Kb
   Kick Off 2 (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 428.73 Kb
   Kick Off 2 (Pasti Original).zip 247.88 Kb
   Kick Off 2 - Return to Europe (Pasti Original).zip 819.98 Kb
   Kick Off (Pasti Original).zip 280.78 Kb
   King's Quest III - To Heir is Human (Pasti Original).zip 1.39 Mb
   King's Quest II - Romancing the Throne (Pasti Original).zip 316.90 Kb
   King's Quest - Quest for the Crown (Pasti Original).zip 577.01 Kb
   Knightmare (Mindscape)(Pasti Original).zip 2.19 Mb
   Knights of the Sky (Kixx XL)(Pasti Original).zip 1.18 Mb
   Kristal, The (De)(Pasti Original).zip 1.69 Mb
   Kult (Pasti Original).zip 785.28 Kb
   Labyrinthe Aux Cent Calculs, Le (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 481.45 Kb
   Labyrinthe D'Anglomania 2, Le (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 803.62 Kb
   Labyrinthe De Morphintax, Le (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 596.96 Kb
   Labyrinthe Des Pharaons, Le (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 370.61 Kb
   Laser Squad (Pasti Original).zip 311.90 Kb
   Last Duel (Capcom Collection)(Pasti Original).zip 191.11 Kb
   Last Ninja 2 - Back With A Vengeance (Pasti Original).zip 972.32 Kb
   Leader Board Birdie (Original).zip 165.35 Kb
   LED Storm (Capcom Collection)(Pasti Original).zip 223.44 Kb
   Lee Enfield - An Amazon Adventure (Pasti Original).zip 195.95 Kb
   Legend (CRL)(Pasti Original).zip 693.97 Kb
   Legend of Faerghail (Pasti Original).zip 1.81 Mb
   Legend (Pasti Original).zip 1.06 Mb
   Leisure Suit Larry 2 - Goes Looking for Love (Pasti Original).zip 2.81 Mb
   Lemmings (Pasti Original).zip 1.25 Mb
   Lethal Xcess (Pasti Original).zip 2.08 Mb
   Liberator (1987)(Prism Leisure)[1].zip 231.39 Kb
   Licence to Kill (Pasti Original).zip 527.71 Kb
   Light Corridor, The (1990)(Infogrames)[NRJ Compilation][!].zip 416.39 Kb
   Live and Let Die, Licence to Kill, Spy Who Loved Me [docs][Collection James Bond Compilation].zip 3.06 Mb
   Live And Let Die (Pasti Original).zip 242.16 Kb
   Lombard RAC Rally (Pasti Original).zip 539.74 Kb
   Loom (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 1.62 Mb
   Lords Of Conquest (Pasti Original).zip 190.94 Kb
   Lords of Doom (1991)(Starbyte)(De)[!].zip 2.21 Mb
   Lorna (Pasti Original).zip 1.12 Mb
   Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (Pasti Original).zip 416.31 Kb
   Lure Of The Temptress (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 2.76 Mb
   Macadam Bumper (Pasti Original).zip 275.22 Kb
   Mach 3 [Pasti Original].zip 499.10 Kb
   Magicland Dizzy (Pasti Original).zip 238.74 Kb
   Magic Lines (Pasti Original).zip 531.14 Kb
   Magic Pockets (Pasti Original).zip 643.95 Kb
   Magnetic Scrolls Collection, The (v1.01)(Pasti Original).zip 3.85 Mb
   Manchester United Europe (Pasti Original).zip 907.35 Kb
   Manhattan Dealers (Pasti Original).zip 346.94 Kb
   Manix (Pasti Original).zip 243.38 Kb
   Manoir De Mortvielle, Le (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 921.48 Kb
   Marble Madness (Past Original).zip 170.60 Kb
   Masque + (1987)(Action 16)[2 Disks][!].zip 542.37 Kb
   Massacre - Dans La 520e Dimension (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 253.34 Kb
   Maupiti Island (Fr)[Pasti Original].zip 1.42 Mb
   Maxi Bourse International (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 171.01 Kb
   McDonald Land (Pasti Original).zip 362.96 Kb
   Mega Lo Mania (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 1.60 Mb
   Menace [Pasti Original].zip 603.28 Kb
   Mercenary Compendium (Pasti Original).zip 115.81 Kb
   Mercenary II - Damocles (1990)(Novagen)[!].zip 420.86 Kb
   Metal Mutant (1991)(Silmarils)(Fr)[!].zip 994.39 Kb
   Metal_Mutant (Pasti Original).zip 556.90 Kb
   Meurtres A Venise (1989)(Cobra Soft)(Fr)[2 Disks][!].zip 613.58 Kb
   Meurtres En Serie (Pasti Original).zip 216.33 Kb
   Microprose Formula One Grand Prix (Pasti Original).zip 1.73 Mb
   Microprose Golf (Pasti Original).zip 1.85 Mb
   Microprose Soccer (Pasti Original).zip 258.11 Kb
   Midi Maze (v1.0)(Pasti Original).zip 86.07 Kb
   Midnight Resistance (Pasti Original).zip 437.39 Kb
   MiG-29 Fulcrum (Pasti Original).zip 838.71 Kb
   Millennium 2.2 (Pasti Original).zip 251.43 Kb
   Mindshadow (Pasti Original).zip 352.44 Kb
   Missing One Droid (1986)(Bug Byte)[!].zip 94.35 Kb
   Moonwalker [Pasti Original].zip 808.74 Kb
   Motor Massacre (Pasti Original).zip 373.08 Kb
   Munsters, The [Pasti Original].zip 167.89 Kb
   Murder (US Gold)(Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 333.56 Kb
   Murder (US Gold)(Pasti Original).zip 332.64 Kb
   Nam 1965-1975 (Pasti Original).zip 935.90 Kb
   Napoleon I - The Campaigns 1805-1814-2 (Pasti Original).zip 599.80 Kb
   Narco Police (Pasti Original).zip 655.91 Kb
   Navy Moves (The Hit Squad)(Pasti Original).zip 689.35 Kb
   Nevermind (Pasti Original).zip 233.86 Kb
   New Zealand Story, The (Pasti Original).zip 557.01 Kb
   Nightbreed - The Interactive Movie (Pasti Original).zip 2.07 Mb
   Night Hunter (Pasti Original).zip 598.34 Kb
   Night Raider (Pasti Original).zip 574.49 Kb
   Night Shift (1990)(LucasFilm Games)[2 Disks][!].zip 629.99 Kb
   Nil Dieu Vivant (1989)(Chip)(Fr)[2 Disks][!].zip 740.76 Kb
   Ninja Remix (Pasti Original).zip 2.67 Mb
   Ninja Warriors, The (1989)(Sales Curve)[3 Disks][!].zip 1.35 Mb
   North & South (Pasti Original).zip 971.16 Kb
   No Second Prize (Pasti Original).zip 914.03 Kb
   Obliterator (Pasti Original).zip 564.89 Kb
   Oh-No! More Lemmings (Pasti Original).zip 645.66 Kb
   Onslaught (Pasti Original).zip 359.53 Kb
   Operation Neptune (Pasti Original).zip 428.13 Kb
   Operation Neptune (Smash 16)(Pasti Original).zip 425.78 Kb
   Operation Stealth (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 2.96 Mb
   Operation Thunderbolt (1989)(Ocean)[3 Disks][!].zip 3.08 Mb
   Operation Wolf (Pasti Original).zip 795.96 Kb
   Orbiter (v1.01)(Pasti Original).zip 316.63 Kb
   Oriental Games (Kixx)(Pasti Original).zip 1.39 Mb
   Ork (Pasti Original).zip 946.83 Kb
   Othello Killer (Pasti Original).zip 304.24 Kb
   Out Run (Pasti Original).zip 182.36 Kb
   Oxyd Magnum (Pasti Original).zip 688.98 Kb
   Pac-Land (Pasti Original).zip 177.27 Kb
   Pandora (Pasti Original).zip 264.24 Kb
   Panza Kick Boxing (Fr)(Pasti Origianl).zip 1.56 Mb
   Paperboy (Pasti Original).zip 281.26 Kb
   Paradroid '90 (1990)(Graftgold)(2 Disks][!].zip 825.89 Kb
   Parasol Stars - The Story Of Rainbow Islands II (Pasti Original).zip 665.85 Kb
   Paris Dakar 1990 (1990)(Coktel)(Fr)[!].zip 572.20 Kb
   Passagers du Vent, Les (1987)(Infogrames)(Fr)[2 Disks][!].zip 707.83 Kb
   Passing Shot (Pasti Original).zip 404.79 Kb
   Pawn, The (1986)(Magnetic Scrolls)[!].zip 688.61 Kb
   PC Globe.zip 2.38 Mb
   Pegasus (Pasti Original).zip 1.61 Mb
   Peter Beardsley's International Football (Pasti Original).zip 300.07 Kb
   Pharaoh III (Pasti Original).zip 289.21 Kb
   Pick'n Pile (1990)(UBI Soft)[!].zip 386.42 Kb
   Pink Panther (Pasti Original).zip 280.46 Kb
   Plan 9 from Outer Space (1992)(Gremlin)(M3)[4 Disks][!].zip 3.82 Mb
   Plutos (Pasti Original).zip 38.11 Kb
   Populous II (Pasti Original).zip 825.50 Kb
   Populous (Pasti Original).zip 521.47 Kb
   Populous - The Promised Lands (Pasti Original).zip 321.03 Kb
   Portes Du Temps, Les (1989)(Legend Software)(Fr)[!].zip 1.56 Mb
   Powermonger (Pasti Original).zip 1.25 Mb
   Powerplay - Das Spiel der Gotter (Pasti Original).zip 675.59 Kb
   Prime Time (Pasti Original).zip 176.97 Kb
   Prince of Persia (1990)(Broderbund)(Fr)[2 Disks][!].zip 1.14 Mb
   Project Neptune (Pasti Original).zip 448.94 Kb
   Projectyle (Pasti Original).zip 561.38 Kb
   Prophecy I - The Viking Child (1990)(Wired)[!].zip 1.67 Mb
   Pro Tennis Tour (Pasti Original).zip 372.13 Kb
   Psion Chess (v2.01)(Pasti Original).zip 305.78 Kb
   Puzznic (Pasti Original).zip 1021.81 Kb
   QBall (Pasti Original).zip 67.74 Kb
   Qin (1987)(Ere Informatique)(Fr)[2 Disks][!].zip 691.97 Kb
   Quadralien (Pasti Original).zip 135.48 Kb
   Quest For The Time Bird, The (Pasti Original).zip 3.01 Mb
   Quete De LжOiseau Du Temps, La (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 2.28 Mb
   Quink (Pasti Original).zip 118.79 Kb
   Railroad Tycoon (v755.01)(Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 1.17 Mb
   Rainbow Islands (Pasti Original).zip 474.99 Kb
   Rambo III (Pasti Original).zip 326.33 Kb
   Rampage (Pasti Original).zip 112.14 Kb
   Ranx (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 1.05 Mb
   Red Heat (Pasti Original).zip 304.76 Kb
   Reisende Im Wind (1987)(Infogrames)(De)[!].zip 342.89 Kb
   Renegade (Pasti Original).zip 309.19 Kb
   Return of the Jedi (Pasti Original).zip 339.99 Kb
   Rick Dangerous II (Pasti Original).zip 526.54 Kb
   Rick Dangerous (Pasti Original).zip 391.09 Kb
   Road Blasters (Pasti Original).zip 122.46 Kb
   Road Wars (Pasti Original).zip 498.79 Kb
   Robocop 2 (Pasti Original).zip 818.02 Kb
   Robocop 3 (Pasti Original).zip 2.93 Mb
   Robocop (Pasti Original).zip 537.23 Kb
   Robozone (1991)(Mirrorsoft)[2 Disks][!].zip 1.53 Mb
   Rockford (Pasti Original).zip 213.01 Kb
   Rock Star Ate My Hamster (Pasti Original).zip 232.12 Kb
   Rock Star (Pasti Original).zip 1.93 Mb
   Roller Coaster Rumbler (Pasti Original).zip 423.98 Kb
   Rotor (Pasti Original).zip 182.66 Kb
   Rotox (Pasti Original).zip 372.50 Kb
   R-Type II (Pasti Original).zip 539.31 Kb
   Rugby - The World Cup (Pasti Original).zip 490.21 Kb
   Savage (Pasti Original).zip 345.22 Kb
   SDI (Pasti Original).zip 357.38 Kb
   Secret of Monkey Island, The (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 2.95 Mb
   Sensible Soccer (Pasti Original).zip 1.36 Mb
   Sensible Soccer v1.1 (Pasti Original).zip 1023.08 Kb
   Sentinel, The (Pasti Original).zip 56.73 Kb
   Sentry, The (Pasti Original).zip 56.73 Kb
   Seven Gates of Jambala, The (1989)(Grandslam)[2 Disks][!].zip 1.03 Mb
   Shadow of the Beast (1990)(Psygnosis)[2 Disks][!].zip 1.60 Mb
   Shadow of the Beast II (Pasti Original).zip 1.21 Mb
   She-Fox (1988)(Martech)[!].zip 203.10 Kb
   Shinobi (Compilation Super Sega)(Pasti Original).zip 1.02 Mb
   Short Grey, The (19xx)(Accrosoft)[4 Disks][!].zip 3.05 Mb
   Shufflepuck Cafe (Pasti Original).zip 1.37 Mb
   Sidewinder (Pasti Original).zip 557.50 Kb
   Silent Service (Pasti Original).zip 202.30 Kb
   Simpsons, The - Bart vs. The Space Mutants (Pasti Original).zip 698.32 Kb
   Simpsons, The - Bart vs The World (1993)(Virgin)[!].zip 696.75 Kb
   Simulcra (Pasti Original).zip 397.10 Kb
   Skidz (Pasti Original).zip 1.13 Mb
   Sky Fighter (1987)(Rainbow Arts)[!].zip 461.51 Kb
   Slayer (Pasti Original).zip 166.40 Kb
   Slaygon + Goldrunner (Microdeal)[Hit Disk v1 Compilation].zip 388.78 Kb
   Slaygon (Hit Disks Volume 1)(Pasti Original).zip 388.86 Kb
   Sly Spy - Secret Agent (Pasti Original).zip 700.25 Kb
   Snoopy and Peanuts (Pasti Original).zip 155.38 Kb
   Snow Strike (Pasti Original).zip 237.43 Kb
   Soccer King (De)(Pasti Original).zip 129.98 Kb
   Sorcerer (Pasti Original).zip 198.98 Kb
   Sorcery + (Pasti Original).zip 127.11 Kb
   Space Ace (Pasti Original).zip 2.81 Mb
   Space Fighter (Pasti Original).zip 705.51 Kb
   Space Harrier (1989)(Elite)[Power Pack Compilation][!].zip 343.70 Kb
   Space Harrier (Pasti Original).zip 461.84 Kb
   Space Pilot (1986)(Kingsoft)[!].zip 243.92 Kb
   Space Quest II - Vohaul's Revenge (Pasti Orginal).zip 497.62 Kb
   Space Station Oblivion (Pasti Orginal).zip 295.76 Kb
   Speedball 2 (Pasti Original).zip 561.76 Kb
   Speedball (Pasti Original).zip 145.59 Kb
   Spellbound (Pasti Original).zip 1.17 Mb
   Spitting Image (Pasti Original).zip 202.71 Kb
   Spy vs Spy (Databyte)(Pasti Original).zip 75.83 Kb
   Staff X-29 (1988)(Ere Informatique)[2 Disks][!].zip 441.39 Kb
   Starblade (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 780.11 Kb
   Starglider II (Pasti Original).zip 1.33 Mb
   Starglider (Pasti Original).zip 239.23 Kb
   StarRay (Pasti Original).zip 662.72 Kb
   Star Wars (Pasti Original).zip 251.98 Kb
   Stationfall (Pasti Original).zip 274.60 Kb
   Stone Breaker (1987)(Softgold)[!].zip 358.90 Kb
   Stormlord (Pasti Original).zip 302.52 Kb
   Street Fighter (1988)(GO! U.S. Gold)[!].zip 698.04 Kb
   Street Fighter II (Pasti Original).zip 2.53 Mb
   Strider (Capcom Collection)(Pasti Original).zip 340.35 Kb
   Strider II (Capcom Collection)(Pasti Original).zip 281.93 Kb
   Strider II (Pasti Original).zip 280.02 Kb
   Strider (Pasti Original).zip 523.57 Kb
   Strikefleet (Pasti Original).zip 749.39 Kb
   Strike Force Harrier (1986)(Mirrorsoft)[2 Disks][!].zip 319.80 Kb
   Stryx (Pasti Original).zip 546.56 Kb
   ST Soccer (1988)(Microdeal)[World Cup Year 1990 Compilation][!].zip 168.29 Kb
   Stunt Track Racer (Pasti Original).zip 392.31 Kb
   Sub Battle Simulator (Pasti Original).zip 144.94 Kb
   Subbuteo - The Computer Game (Pasti Original).zip 215.04 Kb
   Sundog - Frozen Legacy (Pasti Original).zip 474.42 Kb
   Super Cars (Pasti Original).zip 288.42 Kb
   Super Grand Prix (Pasti Original).zip 350.33 Kb
   Super Hang-On (Pasti Original).zip 506.54 Kb
   Super Huey (Pasti Original).zip 125.75 Kb
   Super Wonder Boy in Monster Land (Pasti Original).zip 452.03 Kb
   Tai-Pan (1987)(Ocean)[!].zip 396.22 Kb
   Team Yankee v1.01 (1990)(Empire)(M5)[!].zip 621.63 Kb
   Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - Coin Op (1991)(Image Works)[!].zip 1.04 Mb
   Tempest (Pasti Original).zip 85.52 Kb
   Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (Pasti Original).zip 1.16 Mb
   Terrestrial Encounter (Pasti Original).zip 43.17 Kb
   Test Drive (Pasti Original).zip 619.54 Kb
   Tetris (Mirrorsoft)(Pasti Original).zip 130.33 Kb
   Their Finest Hour - The Battle of Britain (1991)(LucasFilm Games).zip 1.15 Mb
   Thrust (Pasti Original).zip 163.00 Kb
   Thunder Blade (Pasti Original).zip 714.85 Kb
   Thundercats (Pasti Original).zip 320.34 Kb
   Thunderhawk AH-73M (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 1.84 Mb
   Thunderhawk AH-73M (Pasti Original).zip 1.38 Mb
   Thunder Jaws (1991)(Domark)[!].zip 1.13 Mb
   Thunderstrike (1991)(Millennium)[!].zip 164.72 Kb
   Time and Magik (Pasti Original).zip 618.25 Kb
   Time Bandit (v2.1)(Pasti Original).zip 305.74 Kb
   Time Blast (19xx)(Micro Value)[!].zip 61.47 Kb
   Time Machine (1990)(Activision)[2 Disks][!].zip 766.03 Kb
   Times of Lore (Pasti Original).zip 614.09 Kb
   Time Soldier (Pasti Original).zip 1.00 Mb
   Tintin on the Moon (1989)(Infogrames)(M3)[2 Disks][!].zip 728.20 Kb
   TNT (Pasti Original).zip 1.11 Mb
   Toki (Pasti Original).zip 1.25 Mb
   Toobin (Stampede Issue 5)(Pasti Original).zip 452.92 Kb
   Total Eclipse (Pasti Original).zip 473.55 Kb
   Total Recall (Pasti Original).zip 956.27 Kb
   Tower Toppler (Pasti Original).zip 181.46 Kb
   Toyota Celica GT Rally (Pasti Original).zip 1.00 Mb
   Toyottes, The (Pasti Original).zip 384.48 Kb
   Tracker (1987)(Rainbird)[!].zip 251.51 Kb
   Transartica (Pasti Original).zip 2.25 Mb
   Trantor - The Last Stormtroper (1988)(Probe Software)[!].zip 207.61 Kb
   Trash Heap (Pasti Original).zip 332.06 Kb
   Trauma (Pasti Original).zip 489.53 Kb
   Treasure Island Dizzy (1989)(Codemasters)[!].zip 608.84 Kb
   Treasure Island (Pasti Original).zip 376.66 Kb
   Treasure Trap (Pasti Original).zip 862.83 Kb
   Trivia Challenge I (Pasti Original).zip 242.10 Kb
   Truck (Pasti Original).zip 322.46 Kb
   Turbo Cup (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 485.08 Kb
   Turbo Out Run (Pasti Original).zip 475.79 Kb
   Turrican (1990)(Rainbow Arts)[!].zip 590.40 Kb
   Turrican II (1991)(Kixx)[!].zip 1.33 Mb
   TV Sports Football (1988)(Cinemaware)[!].zip 526.34 Kb
   TwinWorld - Land of Vision (Pasti Original).zip 1020.61 Kb
   Typhoon (1987)(Kingsoft)[2 Disks][!].zip 1.03 Mb
   Typhoon Thompson (Pasti Original).zip 232.49 Kb
   Ultima IV - Quest of the Avatar (Pasti Original).zip 745.37 Kb
   UMS II - Nations At War (Pasti Original).zip 704.72 Kb
   UMS (Pasti Original).zip 196.63 Kb
   U.N. Squadron (Capcom Collection)(Pasti Original).zip 582.12 Kb
   Untouchables, The (Pasti Original).zip 465.94 Kb
   Venus The Flytrap (Pasti Original).zip 565.52 Kb
   Victory Road (Pasti Original).zip 147.92 Kb
   Virus (Pasti Original).zip 331.34 Kb
   Voodoo Nightmare (1990)(Palace)[!].zip 970.63 Kb
   Voyageurs Du Temps, Les (Fr)(Pasti Original).zip 3.40 Mb
   Vroom (Pasti Original).zip 518.32 Kb
   Vulcan (Pasti Original).zip 215.61 Kb
   Wall Street Wizard - Scenario Editor (De)(Pasti Original).zip 47.75 Kb
   Wargame Construction Set (v1.0)(Pasti Original).zip 171.58 Kb
   Warhead (Pasti Original).zip 541.13 Kb
   War Zone (Paradox)(Pasti Original).zip 122.66 Kb
   War Zone (Pasti Original).zip 122.65 Kb
   Waterloo (1989)(Mirrorsoft)[!].zip 620.01 Kb
   West Phaser (1990)(Loriciel)[2 Disks][Loriciel's Gun Required][!].zip 902.55 Kb
   Where Time Stood Still (Pasti Original).zip 220.39 Kb
   Wild Streets (Pasti Original).zip 657.63 Kb
   Willow (Pasti Original).zip 1.30 Mb
   Wings of Death (Pasti Original).zip 1009.49 Kb
   Winter Olympiad (Pasti Original).zip 360.54 Kb
   Wizball (Pasti Original).zip 118.62 Kb
   Wolfchild (Pasti Original).zip 1.74 Mb
   World Championship Soccer (Pasti Original).zip 401.30 Kb
   World Class Leader Board (Pasti Original).zip 72.37 Kb
   World Class Rugby - Five Nations Edition (Pasti Original).zip 565.81 Kb
   World Cricket (Pasti Original).zip 498.23 Kb
   WWF European Rampage Tour (1992)(Ocean)[2 Disks][!].zip 2.00 Mb
   Xenon 2 - Megablast (Pasti Original).zip 647.42 Kb
   Xenon (Pasti Original).zip 283.35 Kb
   Xevious (Pasti Original).zip 51.83 Kb
   Xiphos (Pasti Original).zip 370.07 Kb
   X-Out (Compilation Power Up])(Pasti Original).zip 505.21 Kb
   X-Out (Kixx)(Pasti Original).zip 505.18 Kb
   X-Out (Pasti Original).zip 512.03 Kb
   Xybots (Pasti Original).zip 252.11 Kb
   Yolanda (Pasti Original).zip 376.67 Kb
   Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (Pasti Original).zip 860.83 Kb